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Thing #5 from Shea Baker’s “10 Things to Know Before Starting a Website” at Tech Day Camp – United Regional Chamber.

Shea defines content as every bit of text or copy that goes on your website.  There is no magic button that creates content for your site – it all must come from you.  So unless you’ve hired a full service PR or Marketing firm to create that content you are responsible for it. So before you meet with a developer, outline all the content that you plan to have on the site.  Make sure all the content is typed – it needs to be in digital form with little formatting. Word processors and web editors format differently.

Next you need to create the sites architecture, your developer can normally help you with this. This is different than what a software developer talks about. Site architecture, or a site map, is about how many pages you have and how they are organized. It’s important to understand how your site should be laid out to help determine navigation and overall usability to the visitors to your site.

If you have it in your budget consider hiring a copywriter. As a small business owner you are normally do a million things, and a good copywriter will save you a lot of time.  If you don’t know any good copywriters, normally your developer does.

Don’t forget about your meta data. Meta-tags are keywords, titles, descriptions and image alt tags.  These are things that work behind the scene and are often overlooked.  They were a hot topic a few years ago and are still important to the search optimization of your site. You need to do some research by searching the web and seeing what other people in your industry are doing. Start by doing a search for what you want to be found for. Open up a site and click on the view tab in your browser, click on source, and all the html code will come up.  It looks pretty scary but the meta tag section is normally near the top.  You can then see if what they are being found for is pertinent to you.

Finally proof everything. You really want to be professional and typos really stand out.

If you’d like to find out more on this topic, you can find Shea at:

Here is a clip from the presentation:

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*Keynote: Win-win marketing: Designing a Marketing Strategy that Makes Sense (Dollars and Cents) for You and Makes Customers Happy Too

Do you want to attract more clients?  Dor you want to sell more products?  Of course you do!  It’s one of those things that keeps small business owners awake at night. But at the other end of the equation, your prospective customer isn’t awake at night thinking about how they will work with you.  They have their own worries.  How can you connect your solution to a potential customer’s problem?  How can you use a win-win marketing strategy to help you identify new customers?

We’ll walk you through an example of win-win marketing and show you how to kick-off a win-win marketing plan for your business.  What are the components? What are the tools? How can you break through?

With Bobbie Carlton

B-PC – RX – Maintenance and Security

It’s a well-known fact that PC’s are wonderful tools, they are the life blood of our business. But in order to keep them running properly and to protect the valuable data we store on them, we need to follow some simple precautions. This workshop takes a look at some cost-effective ways to keep your internet-connected PC running smoothly and what to do about preserving your precious data.

Learn about the tools that can help keep your Windows systems running clean and fast. Learn about browser tool bars, add-ons and startup applications; how they can affect your PC.

Michael Hertz from SOHO Systems presents a workshop on how to protect your computer systems from failure, data loss and corruption and what you can do to recover if you experience a problem.


SM – Networking 2.0

Diane Darling

What happens after the business card exchange? If you’re like many people you have stacks of cards. And you know there’s business in there somewhere. What’s next? In this session, you’ll learn how to move from a quick conversation at a networking event into a long term, mutually beneficial relationship.

Join author Diane Darling as she shares her insights and strategies.

SM – Increasing Your Social Media Presence Through Collaborative Tools

Mike Sanders

Amongst a sea of competitors, increasing user engagement is a difficult and time consuming process. Through the right planning, effort and choosing the unique strategy to fit your needs,a company or individual can steadily build the foundation of a social media presence through the art of collaborative tools. Experience the session increasing your social media presence through collaborative tools and learn how to:

  • Leverage the Psychology of Social Media Marketing in your communication efforts
  • Define the principles and tactics in order to develop a solid marketing plan and relationship strategy
  • Engage individuals to build your brand equity
  • Create content that you and other people care about
  • Build your Social Media Following through collaborative tools
  • Determine the tools you need for a successful collaboration effort

Taught by Michael T. Sanders

B – Microsoft Office – Tips and Tricks

June Bertucci

No matter what operating system you are working on, the odds are that you are using some version of Microsoft Office.

This workshop covers great tips, tricks and best ways to work with the latest version(s) of Office. Review changes, how to get back to old familiar screens as well as tips on how to best use the new features. Office2007/Office2010 Including Work, Excel and Outlook!

Taught by June Bertucci

W-Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools

Tricia White

Google Analytics can help you monitor what people do when they land on your website – how many people visit? how many pages do they go through? What are they looking for?
Webmaster Tools can help you understand how the Google bots search your website from a software perspective. Together, they can give you powerful web statistics that can help you make marketing decisions for your business.

This session will include:

1. What is Google Analytics? How do I register?
3. What does it do? (Live demonstration of the system)
4. Looking for web results
5. What is Webmaster Tools? How do you combine this with Analyics?
6. Understanding search engine bots
7. What does it do? (Live Demonstration)
8. Using statistics to get results

By Tricia White

W-What is SEO? (Search Engine Optimization)

Tricia White

SEO considers how search engines work, what people search for, the actual search terms or keywords typed into search engines and which search engines are preferred by their targeted audience. Does your website have good search engine optimization?

This session will discuss:

1. What is Search Engine Optimization?
2. How to better understand SEO – what is an algorithm?
3. Tips for increasing your SEO – What can you do? What can your web designer do?
4. Pay VS Do it yourself
5. Monitoring for best results

by Tricia White

SM-Importance of Blogging for Business

Tammi Jacobsen

Do you need a blog? Have a blog? Or looking for strategies to get your information out to different channels? Learn  why it is important to blog and effective ways to get consistent and referral traffic for your posts. This workshop will help you with blog distribution and tips for online engagement.

by Tammi Jacobsen

SM-Facebook for the Business Professional

Tricia White

Many large businesses are using Facebook and more than half of the small businesses in the United States consider Facebook a key part of the their go-to-business approach. This Facebook for business workshop will teach you how to harness the power of this social network. Learn how to grow your fan following, increase conversions and engagement and communication more effectively with customers online.

by Tricia White

B-Is Your Business in the Clouds?

Tom Gorsuch

With all the moves to mobile computing it’s more important than ever to have all your information available to you at all times.

This presentation will cover:

  • What is the Cloud?
  • How can my small to medium sized company take advantage of the many Cloud offerings available?
  • Can the Cloud take care of backup and storage of all my Data?

by Tom Gorsuch

SM-Pinterest for Small Business and NonProfits

Tricia White

By now you’ve heard of the fastest growing social network: Pinterest. You may think that Pinterest is all recipes, nail art and cute shoes (which may or may not be relevant to your business). Pinterest is so much more! Every business has something to pin and to share. This session will explore how businesses and nonprofits use Pinterest to engage with new audiences and customers, how to create an account and get active immediately, how to create and maintain vibrant Pin Boards, how to use Pinterest to collaborate and how to integrate Pinterest marketing activities with other social media platforms.

by Tricia White

SM-Leveraging LinkedIn to Grow Your Business

Kaitlin Pintarich

Are you trying to understand how you can use LinkedIn to grow your business? Is your profile optimized to help people find you? Do you know the benefits of utilizing LinkedIn as a marketing tool? Kaitlyn Pintarich, Marketing Director & Community Manager of Berry Insurance, will provide the answers to these questions and more and show you how to use the power of LinkedIn effectively to position your business for growth and success.

by Kaitlyn Pintarich

SM-Build-a-Brand Workshop – Gone Digital

Laura Willis

Are you passionate about your business but not sure how to let your customers know why they should do business with you vs. your competition? Are you unsure how to integrate your traditional print and online marketing to make them more effective? Do you feel like your social media efforts have no focus or real direction? New technologies can come and go, but if you have a strong foundation at the core of it all, you can build on it to create an impactful brand no matter what the media might be. Learn a process that will help you identify how to develop your story, connect with your customers in a meaningful way and some ideas on how to utilize digital media to spread the word.

by: Laura Willis

SM-Making Videos Work for You:

Brian Galford

A quick primer on doing it alone, and when & how to work with professionals

The question is not, “how much will this video cost?”

The question is, “how much will I LOSE if I don’t have an effective video?”

Video is an integral part of every successful business. From start-ups with a staff of three to multinational corporations with profits in the billions. Effective videos are key to successfully communicating your message, selling your product, and identifying your brand.

This workshop will cover the dos and don’ts of producing videos on your own. Teaching you how to produce better videos on your own. And how to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of your abilities, equipment, and video effectiveness.

So you’ve decide to hire a pro. This workshop will offer practical advice on how to effectively prepare for hiring a professional, how to navigate the world of professionals, and what to consider when developing your video strategy.

You will leave this workshop with a better understanding of the effectiveness of strong videos, how to produce better videos, when and how to work with professionals, and where to find video related resources locally and online.

by Brian Galford

B-iPad for Business – How PC Users Can Improve Business Performance

Ed McDonough

What would your life be like if your business was more efficient? Every business owner knows better efficiency equals more time. In this interactive workshop you’ll learn tips and techniques on how to use your iPad to improve your business performance. You’ll discover how to share files between your iPad and PC, connect to your desktop remotely, give a PowerPoint presentation, take paperless notes which are instantly available on your PC, connect to the cloud and much more.

Speaker: Ed McDonough

SM-YouTube for Business – How To Get More Customers

Ed McDonough

Camera shy? Good! Frankly, people aren’t interested in hearing from you directly. What they are interested in is seeing first-hand all the benefits they’ll get from doing business with you. And today, the fastest and easiest way to get in front of your prospective client is by using YouTube. In this interactive workshop you’ll discover exactly how to create a non-talking-head video that will grab your prospects attention and get them to “take action”. In addition, you’ll learn and how to get your video in front of your target audience by having it rank highly on YouTube and in the Google search results.

Speaker: Ed McDonough

W-Agile Project Management – 2 part workshop

Barrett Simms

Agile Project Management – 2 workshops:

Agile Education: From the Ground Up

Agile project management has grown to be the most common management practice in use today. It’s used by small teams-of-one and large institutions. This session will the lay the foundation for your modern management practice.  Learn the founding principles behind Agile Management, why it’s so popular, and the key features.  It’s the best practice to deliver your work on-time, on-budget, and with the highest quality work.

Agile in Practice: A Hands-on session

Put your new skills to work.  We will work through a typical week of an Agile team. Practice story grooming, pointing, sprint-kickoff, managing your board, sprints, and retrospectives. Come with your common management problems and we find out how Agile Management can help you. You want to attend this session if you’re serious about using Agile. The previous session is highly recommended.

By Barrett Simms

SM-Magnetic Marketing

Joe Norcott

Magnetic Marketing will attract more customers to your business.  Join me at Tech Day Camp where you will discover the value of the key strategies to attract more qualified leads and how to effectively convert them to customers.  We’ll go over using techniques that combine online and offline magnetic marketing that will decrease your cold calling.

by: Joe Norcott


B-Employers: Leverage Online Resources for Your Human Resources Needs

Denis Noble

Denise Noble of The HR Engineers 

  • Recruiting: How to use job Boards, Social Networking, and your own Website to the best advantage.
  • Wage and Hour Law: Find out where to go online for up to date, clearly written regulations.
  • Best Practices: Where to find tips online to keep employees happy and motivated and make your business hum.
  • Labor Law: Where to go online to find which laws apply to your workforce. Equal Opportunity, Military Leave, Anti- Harassment policies, Health Care reform etc.

W-Explore Widgets and Plugins

WordPress does a great job of allowing you to add great features and functions through the use of Widgets and Plugins. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to find and install the best plugins for working behind the scenes like WYSIWYG editors and automatic back-ups, as well as functions for your Website visitors like calendars, forms and social media.

Make your Website do cartwheels by adding functionality with Plugins!

W-What can WordPress Do For You?

Find out about what WordPress is, how it works, and why you should care! I’ll show you how easy WordPress is to use for your website or blog and why you’l want to use it as your digital marketing hub. We’ll discuss the difference between’s hosted blog community and the full-featured, self-hosted software from Then we’ll discuss why the search engines LOVE it.

by Shelia Oliver