Google Analytics and Web Master Tools – Tricia White

Tricia White

This is a clip from Tricia White’s great presentation on Google Analytics and Web Master Tools at Tech Day Camp – United Regional Chamber. Tricia talks about the ultimate goal of raising your rankings for google search and how these tools can help. She shows how you can analyze web traffic, where to start and the importance of adding good quality content to your web site. After you are adding great content she shows how to find the best keywords and phrases and how to compare what you are doing compared to your competitors.

Google also gives you the ability to track trends and take advantage of them. You can watch the clip below.

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Email Marketing: How to Use Email in Your Sales Process

Bob McCarthy

Here are the slides from Bob McCarthy’s presentation on email marketing at Tech Day Camp – Franklin – Spring 2013. A 30-year veteran of direct marketing, Bob is a past president of the New England Direct Marketing Association (NEDMA). He has also taught direct marketing courses at both Bentley College and Merrimack College.

If you would like to find out more about Bob, you can find him on the web

Schedule posted

We are all set for Tech Day Camp 2013 – Franklin

Thank you so much to United Regional Chamber for getting us out to Franklin.

A downloadable schedule is [here]

We will have coffee (tea & juice) and pastries in the morning, a great lunch, and lots of learning going on.

We will wrap up the day with some raffles!

Thanks to our sponsors:

United Regional Chamber

Tri-County Regional Technical Vocational High School

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Bring Your Camera!

girl with camera

If you are planning to attend Ed Nute’s Take a Wicked Good Picture!, be sure to bring your camera!  Ed will not only help you understand how to take a great picture, but will also help you work with what you own!

Even if you are not planning to take this workshop, bring your camera anyways!  We’d love to see your pictures and share them with everyone!

There’s an App for That?

Techie with Snow Blower

So we woke up to more snow – again.  This time we figured we we should get some help, so we got Techie out on the snow blower…we figured there should be an app for that.

We think eventually there will be an app, but in the meantime there are several apps that can really improve your efficiency and productivity at work.  We are really looking forward to Ed McDonough’s presentation iPad for Business – How PC Users Can Improve Business Performance at United Regional Chambers Tech Day Camp this Saturday!

*Keynote: Win-win marketing: Designing a Marketing Strategy that Makes Sense (Dollars and Cents) for You and Makes Customers Happy Too

Do you want to attract more clients?  Dor you want to sell more products?  Of course you do!  It’s one of those things that keeps small business owners awake at night. But at the other end of the equation, your prospective customer isn’t awake at night thinking about how they will work with you.  They have their own worries.  How can you connect your solution to a potential customer’s problem?  How can you use a win-win marketing strategy to help you identify new customers?

We’ll walk you through an example of win-win marketing and show you how to kick-off a win-win marketing plan for your business.  What are the components? What are the tools? How can you break through?

With Bobbie Carlton

B-PC – RX – Maintenance and Security

It’s a well-known fact that PC’s are wonderful tools, they are the life blood of our business. But in order to keep them running properly and to protect the valuable data we store on them, we need to follow some simple precautions. This workshop takes a look at some cost-effective ways to keep your internet-connected PC running smoothly and what to do about preserving your precious data.

Learn about the tools that can help keep your Windows systems running clean and fast. Learn about browser tool bars, add-ons and startup applications; how they can affect your PC.

Michael Hertz from SOHO Systems presents a workshop on how to protect your computer systems from failure, data loss and corruption and what you can do to recover if you experience a problem.


Tech Day Camp Early Booking ends March 17th

tech day camp athena booth

Just a quick reminder that early booking for the United Regional Chamber’s Tech Day Camp at Tri-County Regional Vocational Technical High School ends Sunday, March 17th.

We have a great line up of 36 workshops, 28 expert workshop leaders and lunch is included.  This will be the best opportunity in the area to learn great skills to improve your online marketing and other technology needs. If you are planning to go register now to take advantage of this $20 savings!

United Regional Chamber Athena Awards

Athena Awards Cake

We had a great time at the United Regional Chamber’s Athena awards! Great people and conversations and it was all topped of with this awesome dessert…just an added bonus.

Massachusetts State Representative Elizabeth Poirier gave a fabulous keynote about working as a woman in the State House and the challenges women face that are different from men.  My favorite line “Most Women wait for their husbands to dye before taking their seat.” Congratulations to Maureen Wilkinson from Harbor One University was this years winner, your story and accomplishments were very inspiring.

We posted a few pictures on our facebook page, you can see them here.

The Toolbox Inc at the Athena Awards

Athena Awards

Thursday March 14 from 11am-2pm at the Highland Country Club (104 Mechanic Street, Attleboro), the Toolbox Inc and Tech Day Camp will be at the Athena Awards. Athena’s mission is to:

  • Supporting, developing and honoring women leaders
  • Inspiring women to achieve their full potential
  • Creating balance in leadership worldwide

Come join us for lunch and Women’s Expo.  You can register here.

New Pinterest Analytic Tool


Another day, another change in the technology we use to build our businesses…Today, Pinterest rolled a new analytic tool. The first feature, which shows data on how many people have pinned from a site, how views each pin has, and how many users have visited a site from Pinterest, is available for free today for companies with a verified Web site. More new features are scheduled to roll out later this year. You can read more about this new feature here.

If you are interested in learning more about Pinterest, Julie Campbell is teaching a workshop at Tech Day Camp March 23 in Franklin, MA.  You can see more information here.

SM – Networking 2.0

Diane Darling

What happens after the business card exchange? If you’re like many people you have stacks of cards. And you know there’s business in there somewhere. What’s next? In this session, you’ll learn how to move from a quick conversation at a networking event into a long term, mutually beneficial relationship.

Join author Diane Darling as she shares her insights and strategies.

iPad Keyboard Shortcuts – Dave Caulo

ipad keyboard shortcuts

If you are like most people, getting used to a touch keyboard is really challenging after using a traditional keyboard all your life.  Here is a clip from a Toolbox Marketing Breakfast with Dave Caulo teaching Tips and Tricks for the ipad.  Basically in this short video Dave explains that there are 3 keyboards on the iPad – letters, numeric and symbols. Dave shows several shortcuts to easily move between the three.

Like to learn more tips and tricks for your iPad?  Attend Going Further with your iPad or iPhone with Ed Justin, or iPad for Business with Ed McDonough at Tech Day Camp March 23 in Franklin.

elSue one of our sponsors at Tech Day Camp

elSue, local search and Internet marketing specialists, are proud and excited to be a sponsor of this year’s Tech Day Camp. We are passionate that local businesses will learn and be made aware of new technologies, social media options, and online tools that will benefit their business. This year’s Tech Day Camp includes an impressive program being presented by New England’s social media, WordPress and other industry experts.

About elSue

elSue helps local businesses establish and grow their online presence with:

  • High-quality, navigation friendly, WordPress websites designed and developed for local search,
  • Well optimized Google+ Local, Google+ Business, Bing Business Portal, Yahoo! Local, Yelp
  • business pages, and On-Site Trainings.

Founded in 2010, our entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to client success defines us as the “go to place” for WordPress and Local Search Optimization. elSue is a member of The Holliston Business Association, I’m Holliston Happy, Pagelines Developers Group, The Local Search Forum and Google and Your Business Forum.

Maybe You Knew Facebook Yesterday….

Techie on snow covered bench

Maybe you knew facebook yesterday…Today facebook announced plans for new ways to filter the news feed. Great. At the Toolbox we maintain that technology changes so quickly that it is nearly impossible to keep up with it.  Here is a quote from a Techcrunch article:

“Why is Facebook adding new streams? Because we are information junkies. Give us a feed and we’ll read it. But when we scroll so far we hit re-runs – we hit the road. So Facebook has a plan to give us something different to look at starting March 7th.” You can read the full article here.

Tammy Jacobson is presenting “Facebook for the Business Professional” at The United Regional Chamber of Commerce Tech Day Camp, Saturday March 23rd.  Maybe it’s time to get caught up on all the new best practices for your online marketing.

SM – Increasing Your Social Media Presence Through Collaborative Tools

Mike Sanders

Amongst a sea of competitors, increasing user engagement is a difficult and time consuming process. Through the right planning, effort and choosing the unique strategy to fit your needs,a company or individual can steadily build the foundation of a social media presence through the art of collaborative tools. Experience the session increasing your social media presence through collaborative tools and learn how to:

  • Leverage the Psychology of Social Media Marketing in your communication efforts
  • Define the principles and tactics in order to develop a solid marketing plan and relationship strategy
  • Engage individuals to build your brand equity
  • Create content that you and other people care about
  • Build your Social Media Following through collaborative tools
  • Determine the tools you need for a successful collaboration effort

Taught by Michael T. Sanders

After Party at the 3 Restaurant

3 Restaurant

No great conference is complete without a great after party to completely decompress, so to complete the day at Tech Day Camp, we are having an after party at the 3 restaurant.. The restaurant is conveniently located about 1/2 mile from Tri-County RVT High School at 461 W Central St (rt 140) in Franklin.  We were there last night enjoying a couple of their 1/2 appetizers.  The Caribbean Chicken and Cheese Ravioli’s were awesome!

Make sure your plans for TDC include the after party from 5:15 to 7pm.

Come to Tech Day Camp – Such a Deal!

social-media-marketing-worldWe all get the emails about the fantastic conferences, all over the country…

Let’s just take a comparison look at one I just got…it was for Social Media Examiner’s Social Media Marketing World, in San Diego in April. It promises some great speakers, time for networking and all the bells an whistles of a wonderful conference. It will cost you $1297 for 2 days, plus hotel and airfare.

So after taking off 4 days (2 for flying – 2 for the conference) and paying at least $2000…

Are you getting more than you would if you attended Tech Day Camp?

  • Sure, you will need to take a Saturday – that’s just 1 day
  • and you will need to drive a short distance (under an hour for most of Mass, and RI) – [free parking]
  • Intimate workshops with people that are experts in their fields
  • Help desk – a place to ask your questions
  • Local experts who you can follow up with after Tech Day Camp is over

All for the low price of $149 – or $119 if you book by 3/17

B – Microsoft Office – Tips and Tricks

June Bertucci

No matter what operating system you are working on, the odds are that you are using some version of Microsoft Office.

This workshop covers great tips, tricks and best ways to work with the latest version(s) of Office. Review changes, how to get back to old familiar screens as well as tips on how to best use the new features. Office2007/Office2010 Including Work, Excel and Outlook!

Taught by June Bertucci

W-Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools

Tricia White

Google Analytics can help you monitor what people do when they land on your website – how many people visit? how many pages do they go through? What are they looking for?
Webmaster Tools can help you understand how the Google bots search your website from a software perspective. Together, they can give you powerful web statistics that can help you make marketing decisions for your business.

This session will include:

1. What is Google Analytics? How do I register?
3. What does it do? (Live demonstration of the system)
4. Looking for web results
5. What is Webmaster Tools? How do you combine this with Analyics?
6. Understanding search engine bots
7. What does it do? (Live Demonstration)
8. Using statistics to get results

By Tricia White

W-What is SEO? (Search Engine Optimization)

Tricia White

SEO considers how search engines work, what people search for, the actual search terms or keywords typed into search engines and which search engines are preferred by their targeted audience. Does your website have good search engine optimization?

This session will discuss:

1. What is Search Engine Optimization?
2. How to better understand SEO – what is an algorithm?
3. Tips for increasing your SEO – What can you do? What can your web designer do?
4. Pay VS Do it yourself
5. Monitoring for best results

by Tricia White

I Need a Job

Hire ME

With all the rapid changes in technology, it’s really hard to keep your skills current. Or maybe you are trying to re-enter the workforce and you need to catch-up with skills needed for today’s workforce. In either case, what skills do you need and how do you get them? I saw this article 5 Things You Should Be Doing If You’re Unemployed on and thought that it would be great to pass it along.

The article lists the following 5 things that you should be doing:

  1. Volunteer
  2. Keep Your Skills Current
  3. Network
  4. Freelance
  5. Build a online presence

We can certainly help you at Tech Day Camp! We have over 30 workshops to help you keep you skills current, it is naturally a great networking event and we have a ton of social media sessions to help you build a great online presence. You can see all the great workshops here. And with a special $79 unemployed rate how much better can it get?