Announcing Tech Day Camp South Shore

After a successful 2011 Tech Day Camp, we have decided to move the location to Norwell High School, Norwell, MA.

Norwell High SchoolRegistration is now open for the Saturday, November 10th event.

Over 30 workshops, classes in the one day event.

Reserve your spot early! Early booking rate of $99 until Oct 13th!


Learn about advertising and sponsorship opportunities [here]


Twitter Handles

For those of you that “discovered” twitter, or now have a renewed interest, here are the twitter handles for organizers and speakers…and don’t forget to follow @TechDayCamp!

Some of the Speakers:








Skip Bensley Created This Video At Tech Day Camp

Tech Day Camp Testamonial - Skip Bensely

Here is a video that Skip Bensley created during his workshop, Video Basics – Producing your own video with Skip Bensley.

Using simple lighting and editing with Final Cut Pro  Skip was able to produce this video during his session at Tech Day Camp and have it uploaded to YouTube.  Participants from his Tech Day Camp session were used for the video.

The tagline for this session was “From Script to Screen in about 30 minutes” and watching the video you can see that the session delivered as promised.

Watch the video below:

Eric Anderson Featured on SlideShare

Image of Eric Andersons ABS's of LBS on SlideShare

Congratulations to Eric Anderson!  His presentation The ABC’s of LBS – An Introduction to Location-Based Applications that he gave at Tech Day Camp is a featured presentation on SlideShare today.  So far it has 187 views.

SlideShare is to PowerPoint (windows) or Keynote (Mac) that youtube is to video.  This is a great way to add powerful content to your website and increase your overall presence on the web.  It should be a keystone for any presenter’s internet strategy and content marketing.  Posting on SlideShare gives you another place on the web that you can be found and if you embed the presentation back into your sites gives you a strong link (and google loves links).

We’ve embedded the presentation here:


View more presentations from Eric Andersen

WordPress Workshop – Nov 5th

Curious about WordPress and how it can help you build and manage a better blog or website? 
Register for WordPress Workshop by TECH DAY CAMP  in Abington, MA  on Eventbrite

WordPress is a state-of-the-art web publishing platform, developed by hundreds of community volunteers and used by over 25 million people. Best of all, WordPress is free! With thousands of themes and plug-ins available on the web, anyone can launch a feature-rich website in minutes. First, you will learn the fundamentals of how WordPress works, how to get it up and running, and

how to start publishing content immediately. Then we will explore the Administrator’s Dashboard, including how to organize your content and configure certain features & behaviors of your site. Finally, you will learn how to install themes and plug-ins to alter the appearance of your site and add additional functionality for improved social integration, search engine optimization, and backup/security. (Note: We will be working with the self-hosted version of WordPress at, not the hosted service at

Location: Abington Senior Center 441 Summer Street Abington, MA

Times: 9:00am-1:00pm

Our Workshop Presenters 

Kurt Eng is a co-organizer of the Boston WordPress Meetup and Founding Organizer of WordCamp Boston. Kurt has been very active in podcasting and video, publishing free content to enable others to learn. Kurt focuses on people beginning WordPress and blogging, empowering them with the knowledge and enthusiasm to get started from installation to themes to writing.

James Coletti has over 10 years experience developing applications for the web, and more recently mobile devices. He has been using WordPress since version 1.5 and founded the Boston WordPress Meetup in 2008, a community devoted to bringing WordPress fans together to network and share knowledge. James is the co-founder of Modal Machine, a company that offers professional WordPress consulting, theme and plug-in development services, and provides a custom-built, WordPress-centric hosting platform. James continues to evangelize WordPress as it evolves into a powerful content management system.

Sign up at Tech Day Camp – Today and the rate is $35….

$45 after 10/22.

Minimum of 10                 Register for WordPress Workshop by TECH DAY CAMP  in Abington, MA  on Eventbrite

Revolutionary Road – Steve Fischer & Ja-nae Duane

Reason # 32 to attend Tech Day Camp – Revolutionary Road

Revolutionary Road - Steve Fischer & Ja-nae Duane

If you are involved in the Non Profit community, Revolutionary Road is a presentation you just can’t miss!  Ja-nae and Steve present two different projects that they created and ran.  Both of them used social media extensively to develop their projects and make them successful.

Ja-nae wanted to explore the good that is being done in cities across the United States.  She was able to get a green van donated to the cause and integrate with social good causes and influencers 22 cities in 30 days.  Her group was able to connect with over 5,000 people in those cities.

Steve, without any film making experience, made a full length film sequel to the television show Firefly.  He was able to get the studios blessing for the project and use hundreds of Firefly fans to create the movie.  So far the movie has raised over $100,000 for charity.

Thanks to Podcamp Boston where Steve and Ja-nae did this presentation, allowed us to film a clip and teach us how an un-conference should be run. Additional Thanks to Matt & Shea from 3 Thought Creative for the phenomenal graphics and design. TRB Design, Inc. for the 2D After Effects intro. Filmed at Podcamp Boston 2011.

**NEW** Special savings for Seniors, Students and the “Out of Work”

In response to several requests for special consideration, Tech Day Camp 2011 has reduced its regular admission rate of $149 for those who are out-of-work (just $79), for students ($49 plus a donation of a canned good for local food pantry) and for seniors ($79).

“We have received several calls and emails from individuals who want so badly to take part in our day of learning and celebrating technology, so we felt it was imperative that we listen and respond,“ commented Tom Beach, Executive Director of The Toolbox, Inc.

Because technology plays such an important role in our lives, The Toolbox, Inc. is hosting the South Shore’s first Tech Day Camp, a one day EVENT for those who want to make today’s technology work efficiently and effectively in their lives.

An Introverts Superstar – Tech Day Camp

Reason # 15 to attend Tech Day Camp – An Introverts Superstar 

So you’re and introvert and really don’t like going to conferences and networking events.  I’m right there with you!  One of our superstars is Diane Darling, a self-proclaimed introvert and author of Effective Networking.  So in addition to all the great workshops at Tech Day Camp there will be plenty of opportunities to network with other introverts (and some extraverts), or you can just spend your time between workshops at the help desk with your individual questions.

Thanks to Jim Spencer, Bobbie Carlton, Anne Johnson, Diane Darling, Tim Stansky, Allison Every, and Reiko Beach for their acting, Media Makers New Hampshire for making the video happen, Additional Thanks to Matt & Shea from 3 Thought Creative for the phenomenal graphics and design. TRB Design, Inc. for the 2D After Effects intro.  Filmed at Podcamp Boston 2011.

Top 5 Reasons for Attending Tech Day Camp 2011

Tech Day Camp’s Top 5:

There are 101+ phenomenal reasons to attend Tech Day Camp 2011.  Here are 5 of our favorites:

1.       You are tired of asking your kids to show you how your technology works

2.       Social Media: basics, advanced and everything in between.

3.       To Save Daddy!

4.       To Feel Confident with Your Technology!

5.       To meet and mingle with the area’s most notable technology experts.

What are your top 5 reasons?  We would love to hear – and post – your Top 5 list.

For those who have not yet registered for this exciting event, Tech Day Camp will take place from 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM on October 22nd, at Eastern Nazarene College, Quincy, MA.

 Please note that $5 of each registration fee will be donated to a local non-profit organization (NPO to be chosen by event attendees).

(image courtesy of

Best Birthday Present Ever – Tech Day Camp

Reason # 27 to attend Tech Day Camp – Best Birthday Present Ever.

So you got a smartphone for your birthday – great – how the heck do you make a phone call on it!  When I got my first iphone I just looked at it and hoped there were a lot of instructions because it wasn’t immediately obvious how to make a call!  (I think the instructions were in the phone…)  Tech Day Camp is a great place to get as smart as your phone.  With several workshops to teach you all about it, and a help center to get one on one help if you need more.

Thanks to Laurie a Couture ( and Bernard Buzzell (B-Creative) for their acting, Media Makers New Hampshire for making the video happen, and Matt & Shea from 3 Thought Creative for the phenomenal graphics and design. TRB Design, Inc. for the 2D After Effects intro.

So Pleased to be a Part of BREW!

What is BREW? It is Boston Region Entrepreneurship Weeks, and is a series of events hosted by the actual community that provides resources and infrastructure to entrepreneurs of Greater Boston and the surrounding communities.

Through the weeks of Oct 12 – 28 there are events all throughout the Boston, and “greater Boston” area.


Besides Brew, there are some great organizations that are partners:


Tech Day Camp Saves Daddy

Reason # 72 to attend Tech Day Camp – Save Daddy.

Many of us have been there…Tim the Toolman Taylor mentality thinking technology is awesome.  Whether we know how to use it or not.  Have you ever given what you think is a great gift without thinking it all the way through?  Here is a solution to complete the gift!

Thanks to Lisa Morrissey (The Toolbox Inc. Communication Director) and Jennifer for their re-enactment, Matt & Shea from 3 Thought Creative for the phenomenal graphics and design. TRB Design, Inc. for the 2D After Effects intro.

You don’t have to go to Boston for some Great Information!

Tech Day Camp 2011 will feature the largest group of technology professionals ever to be assembled under one roof on the South Shore.

Such experts include international speakers Leslie Poston, co- author of Twitter for Dummies (now in its 2nd edition); Marc A Pitman, an international nonprofit organizational development consultant and fundraising trainer and author of Ask Without Fear!; Jeff Cutler, a social media journalist with 21 years experience in traditional and new media, and the Social Media Trainer for the Society of Professional Journalists nationwide; Dave Caolo, Managing Editor with AOL, where he and his team cover Apple news for The Unofficial Apple Weblog at, and author of two books: Using Your iPad as a Business Productivity Tool and Using Your iPhone as a Business Productivity Tool, and Eric Andersen, Senior I/T Architect with the Emerging Technology & Architecture Service Area in IBM’s Global Business Services division, who was recently published in The Big Book of Social Media, and is an expert on location-based technologies applications, i.e., Foursquare.

Feel Confidence – Tech Day Camp

Reason # 43 to attend Tech Day Camp – Feel Confidence.

With technology, especially mobile technology being so prevalent today, learn great technology skills that you are confident to use even in public.

Thanks to Ja-Nae Duane (Keynote Speaker) for her modeling skills, Matt & Shea from 3 Thought Creative for the phenomenal graphics and design. TRB Design, Inc. for the 2D After Effects intro.

More about some of our great Speakers!!

We have a lot of great people lined up to speak (more coming). so we don’t see how you can miss Tech Day Camp!!

A couple more authors, national and international speakers:

Diane Darling of Effective Networking who wrote the book: The Networking Survival Guide, will be talking about how she uses “the cloud” and on line networking etiquette.

And for the Non-profit audience, we have another great person and speaker Marc Pitman, “The Fundraising Coach” who wrote the book, Ask Without Fear! Marc will be speaking about: Is social media the silver bullet for nonprofit fundraising.

We are so looking forward to having both of these great people at Tech Day Camp! Hope we will see you there too!!

Feel Better – Reason #57 to go to Tech Day Camp

Reason # 57 to attend Tech Day Camp – Feel Better.

With technology rapidly changing here is a great way to keep up or learn important skills.

Thanks to Jeff Cutler and Ja-Nae (both TechDayCamp Speakers) for their acting skills, Matt & Shea from 3thought for the phenomenal graphics and design. TRB Design, Inc. for the 2D After Effects intro.

Speakers, Speakers, Speakers

walk of fame
Image via Wikipedia

We are mounting a great line-up of nationally recognized, and local experts to speak at Tech Day Camp.

Ja-Naé Duane our Keynote speaker is a published writer (How to Start a Business on $100) and CEO of Wild Women Entrepreneurs to name a couple of her accomplishments [many more…]

Some of our other authors: Leslie Poston (co-wrote Twitter for Dummies), John Cass (Strategies and Tools for Corporate Blogging)

We have some WordPress stars: James Coletti & Kurt Eng [organizers of wildly popular Boston WordPress Meet-up and].

Bloggers: Jeff Cutler [you can enter his world of xx blogs and such at:, John Haydon discusses Social Media for Nonprofits at:, and you can also catch him on (Inspiring Generosity) and as well as on 501 Mission Place.

Stay tuned for more!

SSWBN Is Tech Day Camp 2011’s First Event Affiliate

Tech Day Camp is happy to announce that the South Shore Women’s Business Network, SSWBN, is our first Event Affiliate.

As an Event Affiliate, SSWBN will receive a percentage of the revenues generated from the attendees they refer, and their members will receive $5 off their registration.  Click here to learn more about becoming a Tech Day Camp Affiliate.

We hope to see YOU at Tech Day Camp 2011!

Keynote Speaker Announced – Ja-Naé Duane!!

Tech Day Camp is so pleased to have Ja-Naé Duane as our Keynote speaker. Ja-Naé‘s enthusiasm and energizing talk about “How Technology Can Work for You” will be a perfect beginning to a day packed with opportunity and information.

Ja-Naé Duane is a strategist, artist, creative economist, and author of “How to Start Your Business with $100” Ja-Naé Duane, has been written up and seen in dozens of media, including by Associated Press, NPR, Classical Singer Magazine, Boston Globe, and Business Week. Mostly recognized for her diverse skill set and unwaivering commitment to improving the quality of life for our global community, Ja-Naé was nominated as one of New England’s “Most Innovative Leaders of 2007.” She is CEO of Wild Women Entrepreneurs, CEO of Ja-Naé Duane Ventures, Co-Founder of the Massachusetts Artist Leaders Coalition, and Founder of The Leaders. Ja-Naé is also the Director of Social Media at Overdrive Interactive and a faculty member at Northeastern University. Her book, “How to Create a Revolution: A Step-by-Step Guide from History’s Social Influencers” is due out this fall.

We are so very happy that Ja-Naé will be with us on our first Tech Day Camp. Hope we will see you there!

Registration Now Open

Welcome to Tech Day Camp’s new website!!

We are so pleased that 3thought helped us to get this beautiful site up and running!! Thank you Shea & Matt!!

Tech Day Camp is something that we at the Toolbox Inc. are very excited about.

Learn more about Tech Day Camp
We hope that you will join us October 22 at Eastern Nazarene College! 

Registration is now open!!

Why Tech Day Camp?

Technology plays such an important role in our lives, and it is the one area about which we hear so much  frustration and desire to learn more.  Through our work with non-profit organizations – with The Non-Profit Toolbox – and with local businesses and organizations – Lisa with LIDO Consulting and Tom & myself with TRB Design, Inc – we have noticed that there is very little local, cost-effective support and education available to local business owners, employees, volunteers, entrepreneurs, mothers, fathers,and grandparents who are interested in making technology work FOR them in THEIR lives.

This is why Lisa, Tom & I decided it was essential to provide the South Shore with Tech Day Camp…a day of learning, networking and celebrating technology.