* Keynote – Jeff Cutler – Audience, Audience, Audience

Jeff Cutler

Jeff Cutler, content and social media specialist for the Society of Professional Journalist, is the Keynote Speaker for Tech Day Camp South Shore 2013. Jeff is a skilled communicator in traditional and new media and  nationally  recognized marketing expert. Jeff is frequently tapped to train large and small organizations in the use of social media tools.

His latest social media and content specialist roles have been for the Society of Professional Journalists as a session presenter; a speaker at the #140Conf in Boston; FutureM panelist at NERD in Cambridge; presenter at NAB and RTDNA in Las Vegas and many more guest-speaking roles. (See more at http://jeffcutler.com in the sidebar)

In an age where communicating with your customers, the media and partners is easier than ever, there are some pitfalls to avoid. Jeff Cutler, career journalist and freelance writer, keynotes our 2013 event with a brief discussion on communication. He’ll give you the ONE thing you need to focus on to creative successful business communication, no matter if you send out postcards or FB ads. Here’s a hint…Jeff’s keynote is titled Audience, Audience, Audience.

SM – “Social” Privacy


With the events this summer surrounding the NSA and internet security, privacy has never been a hotter topic than it is now. What can you do to help keep your social privacy private? This presentation addresses privacy issues on social sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

The presentation will cover securing your profile on Facebook, safer alternatives to Google search and current privacy issues on social media. Also included will be an overview (pros and cons) on biometric versus password identification on the Internet.

Session Presented by:

Barbara Oliver

SM – Branding in a Digital World

Amy CQ

Are you passionate about your business but not sure how to let your customers know why they should do business with you vs. your competition? Are you unsure how to integrate your traditional print and online marketing to make them more effective? Do you feel like your social media efforts have no focus or real direction? New technologies can come and go, but if you have a strong foundation at the core of it all, you can build on it to create an impactful brand no matter what the media might be. Learn a process that will help you identify how to develop your story, connect with your customers in a meaningful way and some ideas on how to utilize digital media to spread the word.

Session Presented by:


B – Photoshop Elements for Small Business

Photoshop Graphic

Do you wonder why your images are fuzzy, especially when you print them? Do you have trouble figuring out how to get your photos looking right on your web site or social media?

This Photoshop for Small Business session focuses on how to use just the essential elements of Photoshop for your every day business needs! Why spend hundreds of dollars to learn all the aspects of Photoshop you probably won’t use, when you can learn the basics of this powerful program here. We’ll only focus on the elements of Photoshop that you need for refining pictures, how to enhance them with basic fonts and what resolution is appropriate for web and print.

Session Presented by:

Laura Willis

SM – Social Media Marketing 101

By now, we’ve all heard a lot about Social Media Marketing. We’ve heard how important it is, it’s the must do of your marketing plan, and how much time it takes. This session will help sort out what Social Media Marketing, or content marketing, is all about and how to start to develop a plan that works for your small business, organization or non-profit. At the core of social media is all the multitude of social media networks – twitter, linkedin, pinterest, youtube, facebook etc. There are seminars and workshops offered all over the place on these networks. But, how do they work together to create a effective marketing plan?

In this session, we’ll cover the major social media networks, their general demographic reach, what the major function is of these networks and how they work together. After this session you should have a good idea of what social media networks should work for your business and ideas for how to create a great social media marketing plan.

Session Presented by:

Michael T Sauders

B – Integrating Your Computers, Tablets and Phones!

Mike Hertz

With all the great devices available to small business owners today, it is more important than ever to make sure that they all work together easily and efficiently. It seems like George Carlan’s famous skit stuff has hit the technology world.  I have my desktop computer when I’m at home, but when I go out do I take my notebook, tablet and my phone?  Or on this trip is my tablet and my phone enough. Maybe I’m out networking and I only have space for my phone. Sound familiar? When you do buy or upgrade your phone, how well does it integrate into the rest of your system? These days when you are buying a product for your business it’s not just a stand alone device, it’s part of an ecosystem.  In this presentation, Mike will talk about the integration of all your technology.

Topics will include:

  • Android, Apple IOS, and Windows
  • Email synchronization using Exchange or IMAP
  • Calendars
  • Files; documents, spreadsheets, photos etc
  • Cloud syncing products: SkyDrive, iCloud, SugarSync, Cubby…


Michael Hertz

SM – Agile Marketing – Finally, Data Driven Marketing that Makes Sense

Wall of Post it Notes

Channels, Devices, new ways of marketing with inbound and content. Marketers are faced with many challenges and also opportunities.

Agile Marketing is data driven marketing. It gives you the ability to systematically use data over personal opinions about the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. It helps you create a more flexible plan that can quickly adjust to changing market and implement small experiments rather than large bets. This session will cover the principles of agile marketing, how it fits in a small business or organization, and monitor your marketing efforts. Although this marketing is fairly new, we see that it will soon be as big as social media is today. So if you’ve never heard of agile marketing, it’s get on board now and get ahead of your competition.


Christina Inge

John Cass

SM – 10 Tips for using Twitter like a Pro!

Tammi Jacobsen

Twitter is an incredibly easy tool to use and with a little forward planning can be a great way to spend some of your marketing time. Using 140 characters you can market yourself, build relationships with the Twitterati, drive traffic to your site and make sales! What’s not to love?

This workshop will help you understand how you can use Twitter as an effective marketing tool for your business.

Tammi Jacobsen


SM – Diving into Business Blogging

Tammi Jacobsen

Do you have a blog? Do you need a blog? Are you looking for strategies to get your information out to different channels?

This interactive workshop will cover: The importance of blogs – search engine optimization (SEO), Platforms for blogging, Creating ideas – brainstorming for blogs, Keyword driven content, Social media networks Strategies for increasing participation, and Strategies for growth. We will be searching effective ways to get consistent and referral traffic for your posts. This workshop will help you with blog distribution and tips for online engagement.

Tammi Jacobsen

SM – Maximizing Linkedin for Business Owners

Does your head spin when you hear about, let alone try for yourself, Linkedin for Business? Keep in mind that social media is neither a strategy nor a solution, but rather a TOOL to help you reach your goals. As a business owner your needs are different from an employee, and how you use social media can help make your life easier – or harder.

LinkedIn is an obvious choice and can be used to help you easily stay connected to your clients, referral sources, and prospects. It can help you identify prospect companies in specific industries and geographies along with the decision makers – and potentially who you already know that can help you with an introduction! In addition to being a research tool, you can also share your newsletter, blog, or company information to a broader audience. In this session, Maximizing Linkedin for Business Owners, you’ll learn how to effectively use Linkedin to grow your business, expand your network, and develop powerful business connections for your company.

Highlights of Maximizing Linkedin for Business Owners include:

  • How many times have you heard “If I can introduce you to anyone, let me know.” from a colleague or friend over coffee? Learn a new way to use LinkedIn to take people up on their offer.
  • How your personal profile can portray your “personal brand” and help you grow your business.
  • For B2B businesses, identify a list of prospects/decision makers that your network can introduce you to who have the right title, in the right industry, and right geography.
  • Getting the most out of your Linkedin company page
  • Have questions about LinkedIn? Get your questions answered.

Presented by:

Alison K.  Simons


SM – Increasing Your Social Media Presence Through Collaborative Tools

Mike Sanders

Amongst a sea of competitors, increasing user engagement is a difficult and time consuming process. Through the right planning, effort and choosing the unique strategy to fit your needs,a company or individual can steadily build the foundation of a social media presence through the art of collaborative tools. Experience the session increasing your social media presence through collaborative tools and learn how to:

  • Leverage the Psychology of Social Media Marketing in your communication efforts
  • Define the principles and tactics in order to develop a solid marketing plan and relationship strategy
  • Engage individuals to build your brand equity
  • Create content that you and other people care about
  • Build your Social Media Following through collaborative tools
  • Determine the tools you need for a successful collaboration effort

Taught by Michael T. Sanders

SM-Pinterest for Small Business and NonProfits

Tricia White

By now you’ve heard of the fastest growing social network: Pinterest. You may think that Pinterest is all recipes, nail art and cute shoes (which may or may not be relevant to your business). Pinterest is so much more! Every business has something to pin and to share. This session will explore how businesses and nonprofits use Pinterest to engage with new audiences and customers, how to create an account and get active immediately, how to create and maintain vibrant Pin Boards, how to use Pinterest to collaborate and how to integrate Pinterest marketing activities with other social media platforms.

by Tricia White

SM-Magnetic Marketing

Joe Norcott

Magnetic Marketing will attract more customers to your business.  Join me at Tech Day Camp where you will discover the value of the key strategies to attract more qualified leads and how to effectively convert them to customers.  We’ll go over using techniques that combine online and offline magnetic marketing that will decrease your cold calling.

by: Joe Norcott


W-Explore Widgets and Plugins

WordPress does a great job of allowing you to add great features and functions through the use of Widgets and Plugins. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to find and install the best plugins for working behind the scenes like WYSIWYG editors and automatic back-ups, as well as functions for your Website visitors like calendars, forms and social media.

Make your Website do cartwheels by adding functionality with Plugins!

W-What can WordPress Do For You?

Find out about what WordPress is, how it works, and why you should care! I’ll show you how easy WordPress is to use for your website or blog and why you’l want to use it as your digital marketing hub. We’ll discuss the difference between WordPress.com’s hosted blog community and the full-featured, self-hosted software from WordPress.org. Then we’ll discuss why the search engines LOVE it.

by Shelia Oliver

SM – Got Social Chops? Tech Day Camp Social Critique Panel

A panel of social media and image experts to evaluate your social media presence!

In this interactive session, you’ll get feedback in real-time on your social stature. A panel of social media and image experts will introduce themselves briefly and then – in roundtable format – will spend 3-5 minutes on critiquing YOUR social accounts and activity.
The experts will look at your bio, your use of Twitter, Facebook and Google+, your communication style and your goals. You’ll also get one or two great tools to help you move forward in using social for your business and personal endeavors.
Panelists include:

SM-From Passion to Promotion: How to Create Compelling Brochures and Flyers to Market Your Business

Laura Willis

Laura Willis, founder of Willis-Works Communications, is presenting “From Passion to Promotion: How to Create Compelling Brochures and Flyers to Market Your Business” at Tech Day Camp 2013.

Though a substantial amount of marketing business is done online these days, it’s often necessary to still have a few printed pieces for a variety of situations to help promote your business. In this workshop you’ll learn the basics on how to create a message and visually appealing document that will project your passion and resonate with your target audience, as well as a sampling of the tools and templates you can use to create them yourself through online resources that can provide affordable design and print options.

About Laura:

Since founding Willis-Works Communications in 2004, Laura Willis has been providing fully integrated marketing and branding solutions to help clients succeed in both online, print and broadcast media. Starting with a strong design and creative background from over 20 years experience in advertising agencies and the corporate environment, she adds a business marketing approach and brings real-world expertise from a wide range of both retail and business-to-business in vertical industries such as, non-profits, high technology, consumer packaged goods, food, health care/elder care, real estate, financial, legal and insurance services.
Willis-Works recently added the Gen-Sights division to help businesses target and successfully reach the Baby Boomer market which is over 78 million strong, and has more than $2 trillion in annual purchasing power, using a unique combination of archetypes, stories and generational insights that resonate with this valuable audience.

SM – Dominating YouTube Nation – Video Marketing

Rob Ciampa

Rob Ciampa is returning to update his great Video Marketing presentation – Dominating YouTube Nation. This powerful presentation talks about the monumental shift going on from traditional media and video marketing. Though it initiated in (and still continues with) the consumer world, savvy marketers are driving the charge in the business world. They know YouTube Nation is the future of business. More importantly, they know the rules of YouTube are different from both traditional and broadcast marketing. They understand that content matters, and that getting the right video content in front of the right audience will trigger the right action.

Content. Content. Content. For marketing. For inbound. For everything.  Content is the new mantra for marketers and business leaders. But know that not all content is created equal. Video content is now the number one choice of marketing professionals and content needs to be where the audience is. Today, video content is on YouTube. All this video content coupled with a rich, searchable online gathering place, has given way to YouTube Nation.

There are six other things to consider in order to succeed as a business in YouTube nation. We’ll cover that in our session. Here is a clip from Tech Day Camp 2012:

About Rob:

Rob Ciampa is Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Pixability, a video and YouTube marketing company based at the Cambridge Innovation Center. He is also an award-winning marketer who’s used video to help bring 75 innovative products and services to global markets, generating over $1 billion in sales. Rob co-founded NetEffect and grew it into one of the world’s largest specialized systems integration firms. While there, he built the industry’s first in-house video production studio. A 9-time startup veteran, Rob has been acquired into and worked for IBM, HP, and 3Com. Rob has a BS in Computer Science and an MS in Computer Engineering from the University of Massachusetts, and an MBA from Boston University, all with honors. He holds two patents in technology management. On a personal note, Rob is the father of two teenage boys who transformed their attic into a video production studio and subsequently built multiple, successful YouTube channels with over 9 million views.

SM-Take a Wicked Good Picture!

Ed Nute from Nute Photography is presenting “Take a Wicked Good Picture!” at Tech Day Camp 2012.

With all the camera phones and inexpensive digital cameras on the market today, it seems like today almost everyone thinks they are a photographer.  If you are like me, you get lots of out of focus shots and almost none of the pictures are great like a professional photographer gets.  In this workshop Ed will teach the basics of great photography and how to get the most from your digital still camera.

About Ed:

Ed Nute has been taking wicked good pictures for over 30 years.Originally from Pembroke MA, Ed graduated from Boston’s New England School of Photography in 1972. A classically trained photographer, Ed has the reputation, experience and knowledge that goes beyond just owning a fancy camera.

B-The Virtual Office: 10 Online Productivity Tools for the Small Business Owner on the Go.

Nancy OKeefe owner of Simple Business Solutions is presenting “The Virtual Office: 10 Online Productivity Tools for the Small Business Owner on the Go” at Tech Day Camp.

In this workshop you will learn how to run your business from anywhere and give your small business the tools you need to compete with the larger organizations. From never missing a phone call to sending out a final invoice from the road, give yourself the opportunity to make the most of every minute of the day. Find out how you can organize your activities so there is little or no work to be done when you get back to the office at the end of the day.

About Nancy

Nancy O’Keefe has over 35 years of business experience and is the owner of Simple Small Business Solutions, a management consulting firm specializing in business operations and system implementations for small business.  Nancy has held management positions in customer service, direct sales, software engineering, software implementation, project management, company operations and outsourcing.  As an entrepreneur, she has founded several successful businesses, including a $3 million process improvement and outsourcing business that was one of the first virtual offices in existence.    Nancy holds an MS in Quality Systems Management from Anna Maria College and an MBA with a concentration in Entrepreneurship from Babson College.  Nancy loves to paint, travel and spend time with family and friends.


B-Quick Books Basics for the Non Financial Business Owner

Nancy OKeefe owner of Simple Business Solutions is presenting “Quick Books Basics for the Non Financial Business Owner”

In this workshop you will learn how to set up QuickBooks for accounting AND to give you sound management reporting beyond the basic financial reports your accountant needs. Track your success and profitability by job, type of work, time spent on a job or the success of a specific marketing campaign. More than a way to write checks and get a Balance Sheet or Profit and Loss Statement, QuickBooks can be a powerful management tool.

About Nancy:

Nancy O’Keefe has over 35 years of business experience and is the owner of Simple Small Business Solutions, a management consulting firm specializing in business operations and system implementations for small business. Nancy has held management positions in customer service, direct sales, software engineering, software implementation, project management, company operations and outsourcing. As an entrepreneur, she has founded several successful businesses, including a $3 million process improvement and outsourcing business that was one of the first virtual offices in existence. Nancy holds an MS in Quality Systems Management from Anna Maria College and an MBA with a concentration in Entrepreneurship from Babson College. Nancy loves to paint, travel and spend time with family and friends.

W-Complete WordPress Beginners Workshop at Tech Day Camp!

Tech Day Camp will now have the complete WordPress Beginners Workshop included at this year’s event!  Taught by Sheila Oliver and the Toolbox Experts, this extremely popular workshop normally sells out all by itself!

About the Workshop:

WordPress is a state-of-the-art web publishing platform, developed by hundreds of community volunteers and used by over 25 million people. Best of all, WordPress is free! With thousands of themes and plug-ins available on the web, anyone can launch a feature-rich website in minutes.

  • Learn the fundamentals of how WordPress works
  • How to get it up and running
  • How to start publishing content immediately
  • We will explore the Administrator’s Dashboard, including how to organize your content and configure certain features & behaviors of your site
  • You will learn how to install themes and plug-ins to alter the appearance of your site and add additional functionality for improved social integration, search engine optimization, and backup/security

(Note: We will be working with the self-hosted version of WordPress at http://wordpress.org, not the hosted service at http://wordpress.com.


Jonathan Bishop

Brian Staruk