Revolutionary Road – Steve Fischer & Ja-nae Duane

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Reason # 32 to attend Tech Day Camp – Revolutionary Road

Revolutionary Road - Steve Fischer & Ja-nae Duane

If you are involved in the Non Profit community, Revolutionary Road is a presentation you just can’t miss!  Ja-nae and Steve present two different projects that they created and ran.  Both of them used social media extensively to develop their projects and make them successful.

Ja-nae wanted to explore the good that is being done in cities across the United States.  She was able to get a green van donated to the cause and integrate with social good causes and influencers 22 cities in 30 days.  Her group was able to connect with over 5,000 people in those cities.

Steve, without any film making experience, made a full length film sequel to the television show Firefly.  He was able to get the studios blessing for the project and use hundreds of Firefly fans to create the movie.  So far the movie has raised over $100,000 for charity.

Thanks to Podcamp Boston where Steve and Ja-nae did this presentation, allowed us to film a clip and teach us how an un-conference should be run. Additional Thanks to Matt & Shea from 3 Thought Creative for the phenomenal graphics and design. TRB Design, Inc. for the 2D After Effects intro. Filmed at Podcamp Boston 2011.

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