Create the Right Content for Your Organization

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Jeff Cutler from is presenting “Create the Right Content for Your Organization” at Tech Day Camp 2012.

About this session: Too often, we focus on the technology and not the message. Content specialist and professional writer Jeff Cutler takes you through the ABCs of crafting great content. Is video your favored medium? Make sure the video content you’re sharing is right for your audience. Are words your vehicle? Here you’ll learn how to bang on the keyboard to craft the best message. While creativity can’t be taught, it can be nurtured. Jeff will spark your imagination and leave you with a few tips for creating better content on your sites.

About Jeff:

Jeff Cutler is a skilled communicator in traditional and new media. He’s a recognized marketing expert and has been tapped to train large and small organizations in the use of social media tools.

His latest social media and content specialist roles have been for the Society of Professional Journalists as a session presenter; a speaker at the #140Conf in Boston; FutureM panelist at NERD in Cambridge; presenter at NAB and RTDNA in Las Vegas and many more guest-speaking roles. (See more at in the sidebar)

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