B-Going Further with your iPad or iPhone:

Tips and tricks to help you tackle your iPad/iPhone

Ed Justin, one of the most popular speakers from Tech Day Camp 2011, 2012is returning to present “Going Further with Your iPad or iPhone: Tips and tricks to help you tackle your iPad/iPhone” at Tech Day Camp 2013.

The ubiquitous iPhone and its popular cousin, the iPad, have become an indispensable part of our lives. Hidden among its various settings, taps, and swipes, lies scores of  tricks that makes daily tasks much easier. During this fun session you will learn how to:

  • sort and organize apps into folders
  • update your device to keep it current
  • clear the tray for better response
  • add punctuation and special characters, without lifting a finger
  • multitask your way to iPad nirvana
  • seamlessly post to Facebook and Twitter
  • enlarge mail and notes text so you can read them with ease
  • manage iCloud for fast updates and photo transfers
  • talk to Siri so she understands you
Join me for this fun session and take your iPhone or iPad experience to the next level.
About Justin:

Ed Justen is a eight year veteran of the Apple Store, working as both trainer and technician during that time. Over the years he has trained and taught people to use their computers in an efficient manner, and helped small and home business owners and individuals navigate the social media maelstrom.

Previous to working at Apple, Ed was a national award-winning editor, and served in the armed forces as a military musician. Ed also earned a BS in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations, from Salem State College.

Ed enjoys talking about computers, social media, communications, and marketing, and enjoy learning from the successes of others.

If you want to discuss any of these topics, connect with Ed through one of the various social media networks, or send an e-mail to edjusten104@gmail.com.