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joe-norcott-logoSpeaker: 2013-South Shore, Franklin: Joseph Norcott has a background of working with small to Fortune 1000 companies. For over 20 years he has planned and implemented strategies and techniques to increase lead generation and targeting follow–up of leads and existing customers.

His experience brings the knowledge and history of successful businesses to any company that wants to improve their market share. Joe is not your ordinary business and marketing advisor.  Many others can only offer one area of a business or marketing process.

He has a 7 Step Nurturing Plan which his successful clients have implemented to grow their business:

  1. Magnetically Attract new leads both offline and online.
  2. Capturing new leads and accurately targeting them for better communication.
  3. Building both a trust and relationship with new leads through nurturing strategies.
  4. Converting new leads to customers with effective call to action and offers.
  5. Follow-up techniques to keep customers satisfied so they return for more products and services which open opportunities for upselling.
  6. Effectively reengage lost/inactive customers by nurturing and rebuilding the relationship with them.
  7. Obtaining referrals from happy customers which grow the business and sales more quickly.

As a client implements the 7 Step Nurturing Plan his business grows year after year with the additional techniques of streamlining and automating the process.  Joe also holds certifications as a Dan Kennedy Business Advisor, Infusionsoft Certified Consultant and an ACT! Premier Trainer.

As a business advisor Joe holds monthly marketing and mastermind meetings with owners to help them grow their business.  This additional background and knowledge can quickly and effectively show results in business growth.

You can reach Joe at:
Business Technologies of New England, Inc.
Attleboro, MA
Tel: 508-226-4565 x2

Session: Magnetic Marketing – Strategies and Tactics to attract more leads and customers using both offline and online marketing.

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