W-Agile Project Management – 2 part workshop

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Agile Project Management – 2 workshops:

Agile Education: From the Ground Up

Agile project management has grown to be the most common management practice in use today. It’s used by small teams-of-one and large institutions. This session will the lay the foundation for your modern management practice.  Learn the founding principles behind Agile Management, why it’s so popular, and the key features.  It’s the best practice to deliver your work on-time, on-budget, and with the highest quality work.

Agile in Practice: A Hands-on session

Put your new skills to work.  We will work through a typical week of an Agile team. Practice story grooming, pointing, sprint-kickoff, managing your board, sprints, and retrospectives. Come with your common management problems and we find out how Agile Management can help you. You want to attend this session if you’re serious about using Agile. The previous session is highly recommended.

By Barrett Simms

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