*Keynote: Win-win marketing: Designing a Marketing Strategy that Makes Sense (Dollars and Cents) for You and Makes Customers Happy Too

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Do you want to attract more clients?  Dor you want to sell more products?  Of course you do!  It’s one of those things that keeps small business owners awake at night. But at the other end of the equation, your prospective customer isn’t awake at night thinking about how they will work with you.  They have their own worries.  How can you connect your solution to a potential customer’s problem?  How can you use a win-win marketing strategy to help you identify new customers?

We’ll walk you through an example of win-win marketing and show you how to kick-off a win-win marketing plan for your business.  What are the components? What are the tools? How can you break through?

With Bobbie Carlton

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