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Thing #5 from Shea Baker’s “10 Things to Know Before Starting a Website” at Tech Day Camp – United Regional Chamber.

Shea defines content as every bit of text or copy that goes on your website.  There is no magic button that creates content for your site – it all must come from you.  So unless you’ve hired a full service PR or Marketing firm to create that content you are responsible for it. So before you meet with a developer, outline all the content that you plan to have on the site.  Make sure all the content is typed – it needs to be in digital form with little formatting. Word processors and web editors format differently.

Next you need to create the sites architecture, your developer can normally help you with this. This is different than what a software developer talks about. Site architecture, or a site map, is about how many pages you have and how they are organized. It’s important to understand how your site should be laid out to help determine navigation and overall usability to the visitors to your site.

If you have it in your budget consider hiring a copywriter. As a small business owner you are normally do a million things, and a good copywriter will save you a lot of time.  If you don’t know any good copywriters, normally your developer does.

Don’t forget about your meta data. Meta-tags are keywords, titles, descriptions and image alt tags.  These are things that work behind the scene and are often overlooked.  They were a hot topic a few years ago and are still important to the search optimization of your site. You need to do some research by searching the web and seeing what other people in your industry are doing. Start by doing a search for what you want to be found for. Open up a site and click on the view tab in your browser, click on source, and all the html code will come up.  It looks pretty scary but the meta tag section is normally near the top.  You can then see if what they are being found for is pertinent to you.

Finally proof everything. You really want to be professional and typos really stand out.

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