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Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media platforms. Like all social platforms Pinterest is constantly evolving and changing. Here is a clip from Julia Campbell’s presentation at Tech Day Camp – United Regional Chamber that talks about what you should pin, and what are great pins.

People spend hours and hours on Pinterest, to make the best use of your time you need to focus on original intent and content.  Julia doesn’t sell a product, but she does write a blog, so she pins her blog posts and links them back to her website to generate more traffic for her blog. If you have a product you should do the same thing – pin interesting pictures of your product or service and link it back to your website.

One of the most common questions Julia gets is what makes a great pin. Videos work really well, you can link to youtube, vimeo, etc. These can be videos of your products, testimonials and customers tend to work really well.  Make sure to use a good image with text over it. There is a great discussion about videos in general – whether or not they need to be professionally done and whether or not you should be in the video. Julia doesn’t think it’s necessary for a professional video & you should be in it. The session on video marketing thinks the opposite. As a youtube partner I know that there is a middle road – if you are a business you need to look professional, but you don’t need a highly produced video.  Just produce a lot with good production value (great picture, sound & story) and treat your youtube channel like any other social network. Here’s an example that we created

Other great pins are pictures with a text overlay. These tend to do really well.  Julia uses Pic Monkey – it’s like photoshop for dummies and has great results.  Text can be: learn more, a statistic or a quote, remember that less is more. Quozio is another great resource.  Just type in your text and it make an image for you from the text. Noland Hoshino has great examples of this.  Infographics are also great for Pinterest. Mashable is a great example for this. You can use to create this type of pin. They are not as nice as what a great graphic designer can make, but they are pretty good.

Last, use Pinterest to find ideas for your blog or other content for your website that are in your field. Remember that content is king.

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