How to Write a Great Tweet – Julie Campbell

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This clip “How to Write a Great Tweet” is from Julie Campbell’s Twitter 101 session at Tech Day Camp – United Regional Chamber. Julie’s session was one of the best attended sessions there with lots of great questions and information.  She shared 6 different things to keep in mind for your tweets.

How to write a great tweet –

  1. Keep it conversational and informal – Since a tweet can be informal, it’s OK to use short codes like you would when you are texting. Grammatical errors and misspelled words are not OK.
  2. Employ wit and humor – Wit and humor work really well. Julie likes to use the hashtag fail. She gives an example of missing a turn getting to Tech Day Camp and could have tweeted missing the turn and adding #fail. She also talked about the #firstworldproblems like the Wifi isn’t working. Obviously this wouldn’t be a 3rd world problem. Keep in mind you can’t be business all the time, you need to have some personality.
  3. Make it shareable – Tweets should be shareable. That being said, not all tweets are shareable, most tweets are. If you are sharing links you should add click here and a description on what the link is about.  For example click here for the top 5 reasons to use twitter and the link.
  4. Content has to be worth reading, clicking and retweeting – This is pretty obvious.
  5. Ask questions – Questions are great.  They typically create a lot of engagement.  Maybe something like Red Sox or Yankees.
  6. Current Events – Keep up with current events, especially if it relates to your industry or area of expertise.  It’s OK to comment on areas outside your area, like the Olympics or Television shows, they will help give you more personality on Twitter.

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