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This clip “Linkedin Company Pages” is from Kaitlyn Pintarich’s Leveraging Linkedin to Grow Your Business session at Tech Day Camp – United Regional chamber. Linkedin is used by a lot of professionals – but mostly on a personal level. Kaitlyn covers the company pages because there is not as much information out on them.

Over the last couple of months Linkedin has increased the functionality of their company pages. This is a great tool to highlight your companys’ products or services. If you are a large company you can add a careers tab – it’s about $10,000 minimum. Since Linkedin charges to post jobs, if you are posting a lot of jobs it may make sense.

Make sure you add a banner image. You can add up to 3 banners and they will rotate on the page – and they are clickable.  So you can add a landing page or call to action page by linking it to the specific banner. Use pictures – these pages are really image centric.

Put in a really good summary of your business that welcomes them to your page. It should tell people about your business and maybe contain a call to action.  You can also post status updates on the page. If it wasn’t already enough to post them on your personal profile post them on your company page. This is a great place to advertise what is going on with your company. Remember that people can follow your company and this is a great place to add great content. Companies can buy premium pages for their employees, so if you have a sale team this is something that you may want to do.

If your employees are on Linkedin, encourage your employees to link to your company page. This gives your company some added advertising. Add your products or services. You can add a picture and a description there. You can provide an email link (up to 3 per product) so people can contact you about the products or services. People can recommend you and your products or service on the company page. You can also upload videos.

Remember, people do business with people. Linkedin is a social networking site, but you want to keep it relationship driven. Also never spam on Linkedin – or any social network. This will only tend to drive people away and destroy relationships. Social networks are about engagement and not about constantly pushing out your message.

You can find more from Kaitlyn at Berry Insurance.

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