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This clip “What is SEO?” is from Tricia WhitesWhat is SEO session at Tech Day Camp – United Regional Chamber. Search Engine Optimization has been a huge topic for a long time.  With the drive towards content marketing and social media taking center stage, traditional SEO has started to take a back seat. The truth is that keywords integrated into your content and social media is crucial – every blog post, landing page and most of your social media should be optimized. Tricia takes us through what optimizing a page looks like.

Page Titles are one of the first things we look at for optimizing a page. The title of each page should be optimized for what it is in the tabs. For example your home page tabs should not say “home” this does nothing for search. For example if you are an attorney the tab could say “Boston Attorney OUI”. Every page can have its own unique title that is optimized with key words.

Page descriptions are done in the back end of your site. If you are using WordPress you can use the Youast plugin and it will give you a field to put in a page description. In the description use the keywords that you are optimizing the page and site for as well as describing the page. Limit this to 170 characters – about 2 sentences.

It’s the same with keywords – only use 10 to 15 words. Put the most important keywords first. Keywords should be slightly different for every page, because they should be describing that individual page.

If you start doing this on every page on your site, you are now telling the search engines what is on that page, what is important and what you want to be found for.

You can learn more from Tricia at Friends, Food, Family.

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