Video Marketing – Rob Ciampa

Rob Ciampa is returning to Tech Day Camp South Shore 2013 updating his great Video Marketing presentation “Dominating the YouTube Nation“. This powerful presentation talks about the  monumental shift going on from traditional media and video marketing. Though it initiated in (and still continues with) the consumer world, savvy marketers are driving the charge in the business world. They know YouTube Nation is the future of business. More importantly, they know the rules of YouTube are different from both traditional and broadcast marketing. They understand that content matters, and that getting the right video content in front of the right audience will trigger the right action.

Here is a video Rob made that discusses the use of YouTube and online video for marketing. This video is a highlight reel from the innovative marketing conference, FutureM, which is held yearly in Boston and is run by MITX. YouTube and and online video represent the onset of precision market sizing, hyper-targeting, and 10X response rates. YouTube revolutionized online video. Now it’s poised to do the same with business by incorporating great programming, customized branding, and highly-targeted advertising. Key questions to the audience: Are you and your organization ready to use YouTube to engage your prospects, partners, customers, and employees like never before? More importantly, are you willing to embrace a medium that will increase your marketing response by a magnitude?