* Keynote – Jeff Cutler – Audience, Audience, Audience

Jeff Cutler, content and social media specialist for the Society of Professional Journalist, is the Keynote Speaker for Tech Day Camp South Shore 2013. Jeff is a skilled communicator in traditional and new media and  nationally  recognized marketing expert. Jeff is frequently tapped to train large and small organizations in the use of social media tools.

His latest social media and content specialist roles have been for the Society of Professional Journalists as a session presenter; a speaker at the #140Conf in Boston; FutureM panelist at NERD in Cambridge; presenter at NAB and RTDNA in Las Vegas and many more guest-speaking roles. (See more at http://jeffcutler.com in the sidebar)

In an age where communicating with your customers, the media and partners is easier than ever, there are some pitfalls to avoid. Jeff Cutler, career journalist and freelance writer, keynotes our 2013 event with a brief discussion on communication. He’ll give you the ONE thing you need to focus on to creative successful business communication, no matter if you send out postcards or FB ads. Here’s a hint…Jeff’s keynote is titled Audience, Audience, Audience.