What is Tech Day Camp?

It is a one day EVENT for those who want to learn and understand more about technology and how to make it work in their lives.

At Tech Day Camp, no question is “too silly”, and there will be plenty of opportunities to ask.  A minimum of 6 different workshops will be offered each hour, with a couple of breaks to network, ask questions and get refreshed. The Tech Day Help Center will be staffed throughout the day by our speakers and other technology pros.

Tech Day Camp would not be complete without fabulous and fun raffles, prizes and an “afterhours” party.

Who should attend? Technology beginners, intermediates, and even those who think they know it all. .  .the dad, the mom, the grandmother, the business person. . .anyone who would like to better use technology to make  lives easier and cooler.

What you will find: The ‘how to’ and why on: Facebook, Twitter, Google, blogging, photo enhancing, “the cloud”, QuickBooks, the web, WordPress, video, the iPad, basic computer classes, self-publishing, and so much more.

Create your own path through the day choosing workshops to fit your needs including some especially designed for business owners, entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations.

You can bring your laptop, your iPad, smartphone, or other electronic gadgets and learn how to maximize their use.  Or just bring yourself and an interest in learning.

What it’s not:

  • An Expo for businesses to tout their goods
  • An overnight camp
  • Just for kids

Don’t get left behind, hop on the information Highway! We are creating a special day to gather people and businesses interested in sharing, learning and using today’s technology. Register for News & Updates