Specs for Guidebook Ads

Event program will be 5.5 in x 8.5 in, spiral bound notebook with  a welcome, descriptions of workshops, speaker bios, terms and expressions, sponsor ads,  and several pages for note taking.

An effective, low-cost way to promote your business!!

File Formats:

PDF (preferred), grayscale, 300 resolution

will also accept JPG, grayscale, 300 resolution

*Word and Publisher files will NOT be accepted.

Ad Sizes:

  • Full Page : 4.75 in W x 8 in H . . . $325.00
  • Half Page : 4.75 in W x 3.875 in H . . . $175.00
  • Quarter Page : 2.25 in W x 3.875 in H . . . $100.00
  • Eighth Page : 2.25 in W x 1.8125 in H . . . $75.00

Special offer from 3Thought Creative: If you don’t have an ad ready for placement, starting at $50 one will be created for you. Just get them your logo & copy, and they will create the size you need. You can purchase this option when you purchase your ad on the link below.

Deadline and Submission:

All ads need to be to be received by 3thought by Monday, Mar 11th

Purchase your ad online with our Eventbrite Form.

Email your ad files to: info@3thoughtcreative.com