2011 Speaker: Blaise Freeman is the founder of Zeeen, a web startup that publishes books to the social web. He is passionate about helping talented people understand and leverage technology to achieve their goals. Prior to Zeeen, Blaise worked at Harvard Magazine as a web developer where he specialized in transitioning journalists from print workflows to digital-first content management. Additionally, Blaise is committed to supporting the arts and social justice through volunteer work with local non-profits in a variety of capacities.

Session Title: e-Publishing Strategies

One area I see beginners struggle with when self-publishing books & websites is that they spend too much time trying to get everything just right before sharing anything. I recommend that people focus more energy on their 'platform' than their content when they are just starting out. Get something short out quickly / cheaply, and then use it as a starting point for getting feedback, opening doors, building an e-mail list, etc. which are necessary to actually sell books or develop an audience on-line. That's more strategy than technical but it's usually the biggest hurdle. People are so scared of not knowing the technology that they think they need to invest a lot of energy in learning how to do it just right, when really the democratization of technology allows us to experiment cheaply while we figure things out.