2011 Speaker: Christine Pilch works with professional service firms and practices, and she develops the differentiators to set them apart in their markets. She then helps companies plan and implement a marketing strategy that takes advantage of their distinction. She is also a social media early adopter, and she develops strategic plans for companies. Heavily rooted in her extensive positioning and branding background, the detailed and comprehensive social media plan that Christine delivers helps remove ambiguity and outlines who, what, where, when, why and how to utilize appropriate social media applications. She assists in account setup, trains companies, and does as much hand-holding as needed to make people comfortable enough to take it on themselves. She also speaks locally and nationally about social media, has been published and quoted in numerous marketing and social media articles, and is co-author of, "Understanding Brand Strategies: The Professional Service Firm’s Guide to Growth."

Session Title: Advanced LinkedIn for Business (75%) and Getting Started in Google+ (25%)

Christine Pilch, Grow My Company
Your LinkedIn profile is likely at the top of search results for your name, but have you built it into a sales tool that can get you into the job or help you land the project that you want? Learn tips about:
· Optimizing your profile
· Leveraging Groups and Answers
· Promoting yourself through Events
· Positioning yourself as the go-to source for your skills

Google+ is a relatively new platform touted as a Facebook alternative. You’ll learn the basics of how to get around and use it as a marketing tool.