2011 Speaker: Jeff Cutler is a freelance/social media journalist with 21 years experience in traditional and new media. He is also the Social Media Trainer for the Society of Professional Journalists nationwide. Jeff harnesses the power of social media in his job as a journalist and content creator. He also advises clients on the best way to reach their audiences through the use of various media and content.

Jeff has presented dozens of social media and content-focused sessions to groups as varied as the National Association of Women Business Owners, television and newspaper outlets across the country, annual conferences for Parenting Publications of America, SPJ, RTDNA, and other media, educational and business groups. He has been a guest speaker on a number of audio and video broadcasts and has even provided his opinion on the value of social media tools to FOX and other networks.

Jeff is a published author; has written for WBUR (NPR Boston), the Boston Globe, AutomotiveRhythms.com, New York Post, Gatehouse Media, MobileMag.com, Technology Review, and other publications. You can find Jeff at jeffcutler.com.

Session Title: Two presentations: Blogging Basics and Reach the Media Using Social Media

Reach the Media Using Social Media
A complementary session to Jeff Cutler's "The Entire Social Conversation", this session will show PR, community affairs and marketing folks how journalists are using new media tools today. It will reinforce your communication skills while showing you some cool new ways to craft messages to journalists. To fully enjoy this session, you should at least be familiar with Twitter and Facebook. But we will have time to dive deeper into techniques and tools if the audience requests.
Blogging Basics
In this beginner session, Jeff Cutler will show you how to kickstart your blog (or even create one) and he'll discuss the reasons for setting up a content marketing program for your business. You'll come away with enough knowledge to start reaching your own communities, but not so much that you'll break the Internet. Bring a laptop or tablet because we're going to create a blog together in this session.