2011 Speaker: Digital Strategist, Product Manager/Marketer, Experience Designer, Open Innovation Expert, Futurist, Author.

Steve is a creative and award-winning visionary offering 16 years experience in digital strategy, product marketing, and experience design. Steve’s focus revolves around creating innovative digital strategies and effective user experiences that accelerate and advance business growth and fuel brand advocacy. Over his career, Steve has contributed to the growth of businesses in the airline, hospitality, retail, software and financial services industries. Steve’s background as an entrepreneur and filmmaker along with working for large corporations, has given him unique insight into what businesses need to do in order to stay innovative, entrepreneurial and fiscally fit. Steve has contributed to the growth of businesses such as American Airlines, Coca-Cola, Starwood, Sybase, Citibank, Wells Fargo, Visa, Federated Power, IKON and Network Solutions. His entrepreneurial experience includes founding Appsolve, a small business applications marketplace, and Slipstream Aviation Software, an online marketplace for private jet charter sold in 2008 to JIT Airline Resources. As a filmmaker, Steve is co-creator and producer of Browncoats: Redemption, a sequel to Joss Whedon’s feature film Serenity. The project is charity based and produced by Big Damn Fan Films, a 501(c)(3) organization that he co-founded.

Known as an advocate for helping businesses think and act differently, Steve speaks and writes extensively on Creative Leadership, Open Innovation, The Future of Work, Transmedia Storytelling, Entrepreneurship and Technology Trends. Currently, Steve is working on his first book "Work Free: The New Work Order” with co-author Ja-Nae’ Duane, due out in the fall of 2011.

His hobbies include flying airplanes and landing them successfully, playing music for those who will listen and taking interesting pictures of anything that will stand still.
Connect with him on Facebook (stevenjohnfisher), Twitter (@stevenfisher), LinkedIn (stevenfisher), Plaxo (stevenfisher) or Flickr (stevenfisher).

Session Title: Crowdsourcing for Non-Profits

The last few years have seen tremendous growth of social media tools in the non-profit sector. The use of social media and the concept of crowdsourcing has been a powerful tool for recruitment and engagement for all kinds of activities. We will share hard learned best practices and some great case studies that leverage crowdsourcing in the non-profit world.