Build a BRAND Workshop Goes Digital – Laura Willis

Laura Willis

Figuring out your brand and keeping it consistent has always been a challenge for small businesses. We the major influence of social media and all the digital platforms it’s become almost impossible. At Tech Day Camp – United Regional Chamber, Laura Willis from Willis Works Communications gave this great session on branding designed for small business in this digital era.  Here is the slide deck Laura used:

Building Your Brand in a Digital World

Matt Ulvila from 3thought is presenting “Building Your Brand in a Digital World” at Tech Day Camp 2013.

The world we live in is filled with marketing jargon and constantly evolving technologies. However, the fundamentals of growing your business through effective branding remain the same.

Matt Ulvila of 3thought, a visual communications company based in Plymouth MA, will help you to understand the greater context of your brand. You’ll also learn practical ways to shape the perception of your business or organization using tools that are already available to you.

About Matt:

Co-Owner/Principal Graphic Designer, 3thought, Inc.
Matt has been in the design business since the age of 16 when he started as intern with a local design studio. After graduating from Keene State College in New Hampshire, Matt continued to hone his design skills becoming a production and Photoshop expert. He enjoys helping his clients through the conceptual phase to reach the best solution for their needs. An avid consumer of online media and general gadget geek, Matt helps his 3thought clients to see their marketing efforts in a larger strategic context.