Google Analytics and Web Master Tools – Tricia White

Tricia White

This is a clip from Tricia White’s great presentation on Google Analytics and Web Master Tools at Tech Day Camp – United Regional Chamber. Tricia talks about the ultimate goal of raising your rankings for google search and how these tools can help. She shows how you can analyze web traffic, where to start and the importance of adding good quality content to your web site. After you are adding great content she shows how to find the best keywords and phrases and how to compare what you are doing compared to your competitors.

Google also gives you the ability to track trends and take advantage of them. You can watch the clip below.

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W-Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools

Tricia White

Google Analytics can help you monitor what people do when they land on your website – how many people visit? how many pages do they go through? What are they looking for?
Webmaster Tools can help you understand how the Google bots search your website from a software perspective. Together, they can give you powerful web statistics that can help you make marketing decisions for your business.

This session will include:

1. What is Google Analytics? How do I register?
3. What does it do? (Live demonstration of the system)
4. Looking for web results
5. What is Webmaster Tools? How do you combine this with Analyics?
6. Understanding search engine bots
7. What does it do? (Live Demonstration)
8. Using statistics to get results

By Tricia White

Leslie Poston and Jeff Cutler – a Google Analytics Lesson

leslie poston and jeff cutler

While at Tech Day Camp in Norwell, Jeff gave a presentation on content creation. One of the points he made during his session was about content curation. That point was a bit off-base because of recent changes Google has made to their measurement and tracking mathematics. Essentially, Jeff advised folks to take a bit more content for curation than Google currently allows. Leslie Poston – an excellent writer, social media strategist and all-around charming and wonderful friend – pointed out that now sites can get punished if more than a couple sentences of their content is shared. This video is the aftermath of Leslie and Jeff’s discussion at Tech Day Camp.

Here is the video: