Linkedin Company Pages – Kaitlyn Pintarich

Kaitlin Pintarich

This clip “Linkedin Company Pages” is from Kaitlyn Pintarich’s Leveraging Linkedin to Grow Your Business session at Tech Day Camp – United Regional chamber. Linkedin is used by a lot of professionals – but mostly on a personal level. Kaitlyn covers the company pages because there is not as much information out on them.

Over the last couple of months Linkedin has increased the functionality of their company pages. This is a great tool to highlight your companys’ products or services. If you are a large company you can add a careers tab – it’s about $10,000 minimum. Since Linkedin charges to post jobs, if you are posting a lot of jobs it may make sense.

Make sure you add a banner image. You can add up to 3 banners and they will rotate on the page – and they are clickable.  So you can add a landing page or call to action page by linking it to the specific banner. Use pictures – these pages are really image centric.

Put in a really good summary of your business that welcomes them to your page. It should tell people about your business and maybe contain a call to action.  You can also post status updates on the page. If it wasn’t already enough to post them on your personal profile post them on your company page. This is a great place to advertise what is going on with your company. Remember that people can follow your company and this is a great place to add great content. Companies can buy premium pages for their employees, so if you have a sale team this is something that you may want to do.

If your employees are on Linkedin, encourage your employees to link to your company page. This gives your company some added advertising. Add your products or services. You can add a picture and a description there. You can provide an email link (up to 3 per product) so people can contact you about the products or services. People can recommend you and your products or service on the company page. You can also upload videos.

Remember, people do business with people. Linkedin is a social networking site, but you want to keep it relationship driven. Also never spam on Linkedin – or any social network. This will only tend to drive people away and destroy relationships. Social networks are about engagement and not about constantly pushing out your message.

You can find more from Kaitlyn at Berry Insurance.

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Increasing Your Social Media Presence

Mike Sanders

This clip is from Michael T. Sanders “Increasing Your Social Media Presence” at Tech Day Camp – United Regional Chamber.

When you are building and growing your social media content, it’s important to be authentic and all of your engagement authentic. There are different ways to approach people and share your message. For example when you get a telemarketing call and they start reading a script, most peoples first thought is to just hang up. These calls are not personal, they are intrusive, and you don’t know who they are.  They are just playing a numbers game an hoping that maybe 1 out of 200 will engage. Social Media is looking for the opposite effect and have maybe 150 or more out of 200 engage. You do this by producing content that you believe in and that people can relate to in your given are. Last year Brand Marketers spent over $600 million building content with this in mind.

You can use the big 4 social media platforms to build audience with authentic engagement. Linkedin has 175 million users that are a captive audience. Twitter has over 400 million tweets a day. Facebook has 1 billion users.  Looking at last years Super Bowl no marketers marketed their facebook, they used hash tags instead.  It’s much easier to advertise a hash tag that to get people to engage on facebook.  Michael sees Youtube as the 4th big social media platform, but didn’t give any statistic for it.

Insight and engagement become extremely important as you grow your brand and start leveraging for larger audiences with these collaborative platforms. Determine what the demographics of your audience is and develop that platform that matches them best. For example if you are a musician facebook and youtube are a great place to be. The goals are to get people aware of your brand, like it, mindshare and become advocates for you.

Here’s the video:

Michael has actively contributed 15+ years to the fields of both Learning and Development and Strategic Marketing. He is currently thriving as the Managing Principal of Intellectual Impact focusing on online learning, 3D video, problem solving, social media marketing,and Lean initiatives. As a jack-of-all-trades, he has proven experience in the areas of management, LMS management/implementation, instructional design, multimedia, video production, courseware development and video integration.

Prior to Intellectual Impact, Michael was the Manager of Technical Training for Canon North America with the Imaging Systems Division. Throughout the years, Michael has served as a hands-on manager on large scale online initiatives for companies such as Computershare, State Street Financial, Deloitte, Monsanto, Solutia, and Brown Brothers Harriman. To achieve these initiatives, Mike has attained his Master of Science degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology from Springfield College and his Bachelors in Psychology from Stonehill College.

In his leisure time, Michael spends time writing music as well as creating abstract artwork. As an avid collector, Michael has assembled a large display of guitars, artwork and vintage memorabilia. As a technical hobby, he has been developing immersive interactive 3D programs for manufacturing, marketing and sales applications.

To support the goal of lifelong learning, Michael serves on the Board of Directors for the Greater Boston American Society of Training and Development as the Vice President of Marketing as well as on the board for the American Marketing Association Southeastern New England.

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I Need a Job

Hire ME

With all the rapid changes in technology, it’s really hard to keep your skills current. Or maybe you are trying to re-enter the workforce and you need to catch-up with skills needed for today’s workforce. In either case, what skills do you need and how do you get them? I saw this article 5 Things You Should Be Doing If You’re Unemployed on and thought that it would be great to pass it along.

The article lists the following 5 things that you should be doing:

  1. Volunteer
  2. Keep Your Skills Current
  3. Network
  4. Freelance
  5. Build a online presence

We can certainly help you at Tech Day Camp! We have over 30 workshops to help you keep you skills current, it is naturally a great networking event and we have a ton of social media sessions to help you build a great online presence. You can see all the great workshops here. And with a special $79 unemployed rate how much better can it get?

SM-Leveraging LinkedIn to Grow Your Business

Kaitlin Pintarich

Are you trying to understand how you can use LinkedIn to grow your business? Is your profile optimized to help people find you? Do you know the benefits of utilizing LinkedIn as a marketing tool? Kaitlyn Pintarich, Marketing Director & Community Manager of Berry Insurance, will provide the answers to these questions and more and show you how to use the power of LinkedIn effectively to position your business for growth and success.

by Kaitlyn Pintarich

Leveraging LinkedIn to Grow Your Business

Laura Willis

Laura Willis, founder of Willis-Works Communications, is presenting “Leveraging LinkedIn to Grow Your Business” at Tech Day Camp 2012.

Are you trying to understand how you can use LinkedIn to grow your business? Is your profile making you shine and helping people find you? Do you know the benefits of utilizing LinkedIn as a marketing tool? Laura Willis, Brand Strategist and Principal of Willis-Works Communications will provide the answers to these questions and more and show you how to use the power of LinkedIn effectively to position your business for growth and success.

About Laura:

Since founding Willis-Works Communications in 2004, Laura Willis has been providing fully integrated marketing and branding solutions to help clients succeed in both online, print and broadcast media. Starting with a strong design and creative background from over 20 years experience in advertising agencies and the corporate environment, she adds a business marketing approach and brings real-world expertise from a wide range of both retail and business-to-business in vertical industries such as, non-profits, high technology, consumer packaged goods, food, health care/elder care, real estate, financial, legal and insurance services.
Willis-Works recently added the Gen-Sights division to help businesses target and successfully reach the Baby Boomer market which is over 78 million strong, and has more than $2 trillion in annual purchasing power, using a unique combination of archetypes, stories and generational insights that resonate with this valuable audience.

Maximizing LinkedIn & Intro to Google + with Christine Pilch

Christine Pilch works with professional service firms and practices, and she develops the differentiators to set them apart in their markets. She then helps companies plan and implement a marketing strategy that takes advantage of their distinction. She is also a social media early adopter, and she develops strategic plans for companies.

Advanced LinkedIn for Business (75%) and Getting Started in Google+ (25%)

Your LinkedIn profile is likely at the top of search results for your name, but have you built it into a sales tool that can get you into the job or help you land the project that you want? Learn tips about:

  • Optimizing your profile
  • Leveraging Groups and Answers
  • Promoting yourself through Events
  • Positioning yourself as the go-to source for your skills

Google+ is a relatively new platform touted as a Facebook alternative. You’ll learn the basics of how to get around and use it as a marketing tool.

Christina Inge – Social Media

Social media is part of our daily lives, and Christina works it as the digital marketing manager at Oho Interactive.  We are very fortunate to have Christina speaking at Tech Day Camp about the following:

Basic Social Media

Many organizations and leaders are looking to jump into social media–it’s become a must-have to engage with potential customers, employees, and other stakeholders. But how to get started, when the number of options proliferates all the time? Questions like: what platforms do I really need to be on in my industry? what do I talk about? how do I position my brand on social media so it helps grow business? all proliferate as you face the plunge.
In this quick but thorough workshop, we’ll go through the basics of setting up an effective social media program, one that fits your business goals, meets the norms for your industry, and goes with your personal style. We’ll cover all the basic platforms, and more importantly, we’ll look at what an effective social media strategy looks like. Come away with a concrete strategy to launch your organization into the social media sphere with a real plan of action.

Basic Twitter

Getting started on Twitter can be challenging. Maybe you’ve decided to join Twitter, or maybe you’re still skeptical. Either way, bring your questions to this interactive session! We’ll cover all the basics, such as signing up, how to tweet images, video, and links, how to converse on Twitter, how to manage privacy, and much more. We’ll walk through each step. In addition, we’ll step back to look at the real value of Twitter: how do I use it to grow my business, keep on top of the news, and make connections? No question’s too basic for this “from scratch” hands-on learning experience.