Protecting Your Data:

Backups, Security and Disaster Recovery

Mike Hertz from Soho Systems is presenting “Protecting Your Data: Backups, Security and Disaster Recovery” at Tech Day Camp 2012.

Computers and the data they store, manipulate and report on are for many of us the life blood of our business. What happens to your business if tomorrow all your computer data is gone? Even our home computers are the keepers of our family history in pictures and video, our music collections and where we store critical financial and personal information. SOHO Systems of Norwell presents a workshop on how to protect your computer systems from failure, data loss and corruption and what you can do to recover if you experience a problem.”

Michael brings to the IT services business over 30 years of experience. For the last 11 as proprietor of SOHO Systems LLC, an IT services business located in Norwell, MA focused on supporting the computing and networking needs of small business.

Michael’s prior experience was in Healthcare IT as a Systems Engineer with MedAptus and IDX Systems and in Enterprise IT as a Sr. Customer Engineer with Wang Labs. Michael’s achievements include Microsoft Certified Professional a Certified Cisco Network Associate.