An Introverts Superstar – Tech Day Camp

Reason # 15 to attend Tech Day Camp – An Introverts Superstar 

So you’re and introvert and really don’t like going to conferences and networking events.  I’m right there with you!  One of our superstars is Diane Darling, a self-proclaimed introvert and author of Effective Networking.  So in addition to all the great workshops at Tech Day Camp there will be plenty of opportunities to network with other introverts (and some extraverts), or you can just spend your time between workshops at the help desk with your individual questions.

Thanks to Jim Spencer, Bobbie Carlton, Anne Johnson, Diane Darling, Tim Stansky, Allison Every, and Reiko Beach for their acting, Media Makers New Hampshire for making the video happen, Additional Thanks to Matt & Shea from 3 Thought Creative for the phenomenal graphics and design. TRB Design, Inc. for the 2D After Effects intro.  Filmed at Podcamp Boston 2011.