Twitter 101

Trish Fonanilla

Trish Fontanilla from Vsnap is presenting “Twitter 101” at Tech Day Camp 2012.

Getting started on Twitter can be challenging. Maybe you’ve decided to join Twitter, or maybe you’re still skeptical. Either way, bring your questions to this interactive session! We’ll cover all the basics, such as signing up, how to tweet images, video, and links, how to converse on Twitter, how to manage privacy, and much more. We’ll walk through each step. In addition, we’ll step back to look at the real value of Twitter: how do I use it to grow my business, keep on top of the news, and make connections? No question’s too basic for this “from scratch” hands-on learning experience.

About Trish:

Trish Fontanilla is the community manager at Vsnap, a web/mobile platform that allows businesses to record, send and measure short video messages as a way to engage and move customers and prospects. When Trish isn’t vsnapping, she’s working with the Asian American Women in Leadership Conference, Wonder Women of Boston, and the Together Festival. She is also a volunteer project leader at Boston Cares and a mentor for Technovation Challenge and other programs. Fun fact: Trish’s first tweet was about penguins and she thought Twitter was a dumbed down Facebook. Fast forward to 4 years later, she’s found a majority of her work (consulting + her current full time job) using Twitter, as well as connected and maintainted relationships with industry leaders and some really awesome friends.