SM-Making Videos Work for You:

Brian Galford

A quick primer on doing it alone, and when & how to work with professionals

The question is not, “how much will this video cost?”

The question is, “how much will I LOSE if I don’t have an effective video?”

Video is an integral part of every successful business. From start-ups with a staff of three to multinational corporations with profits in the billions. Effective videos are key to successfully communicating your message, selling your product, and identifying your brand.

This workshop will cover the dos and don’ts of producing videos on your own. Teaching you how to produce better videos on your own. And how to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of your abilities, equipment, and video effectiveness.

So you’ve decide to hire a pro. This workshop will offer practical advice on how to effectively prepare for hiring a professional, how to navigate the world of professionals, and what to consider when developing your video strategy.

You will leave this workshop with a better understanding of the effectiveness of strong videos, how to produce better videos, when and how to work with professionals, and where to find video related resources locally and online.

by Brian Galford

Brian Galford

Brian Galford

Speaker 2013-Franklin: Brian Galford, Televisionary Productions – Electronic Motion Pictures. Brian is an Emmy- and Telly-Award-winning video director, writer, cameraman and editor, Brian has 28 years in the field, producing for corporations and organizations from a Fortune 500 manufacturer to art school day camps. He has helped athletes get into the right college and medical device makers educate customers on how to use their products.

Session: When to do it alone, and when to hire a professional: a quick primer on making videos work for you.

Video Basics – Producing your own video with Skip Bensley

With years of video production experience, Skip is going to go into action: he will work with you in order to demonstrate how easy it is to produce a short video testimonial.

 From Script to Screen in about 30 minutes

During this session we will produce a short 30 second testimonial for Tech Day Camp. Including basic lighting, Camera Work, audio and use of Final Cut Pro. We will also convert and upload the finished video up to YouTube. We will also tag it appropriately so people can find it in search after the event is over.

Participants will see how fun, inexpensive and easy it is to produce your own one minute video.

Want to know about Community TV and your video? Ask Alecia Lebeda!

Alecia Lebeda is an award winning independent film maker and media professional working at Falmouth Community Television as the Production Coordinator and the Co-founding CEO of Good Natured Dog Productions. [A Multi-Media production company.]

Her session:

Video and Community TV (intermediate level)

So you want to make a video. How do you get started? What is Community Television anyway? What are your options? Who’s going to see it?
In this session we’re going to talk about the many options out there for you. Some you may know about and some you may not. Remember, Don’t just watch TV, MAKE IT!

Feel Better – Reason #57 to go to Tech Day Camp

Reason # 57 to attend Tech Day Camp – Feel Better.

With technology rapidly changing here is a great way to keep up or learn important skills.

Thanks to Jeff Cutler and Ja-Nae (both TechDayCamp Speakers) for their acting skills, Matt & Shea from 3thought for the phenomenal graphics and design. TRB Design, Inc. for the 2D After Effects intro.