SM – Dominating YouTube Nation – Video Marketing

Rob Ciampa

Rob Ciampa is returning to update his great Video Marketing presentation – Dominating YouTube Nation. This powerful presentation talks about the monumental shift going on from traditional media and video marketing. Though it initiated in (and still continues with) the consumer world, savvy marketers are driving the charge in the business world. They know YouTube Nation is the future of business. More importantly, they know the rules of YouTube are different from both traditional and broadcast marketing. They understand that content matters, and that getting the right video content in front of the right audience will trigger the right action.

Content. Content. Content. For marketing. For inbound. For everything.  Content is the new mantra for marketers and business leaders. But know that not all content is created equal. Video content is now the number one choice of marketing professionals and content needs to be where the audience is. Today, video content is on YouTube. All this video content coupled with a rich, searchable online gathering place, has given way to YouTube Nation.

There are six other things to consider in order to succeed as a business in YouTube nation. We’ll cover that in our session. Here is a clip from Tech Day Camp 2012:

About Rob:

Rob Ciampa is Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Pixability, a video and YouTube marketing company based at the Cambridge Innovation Center. He is also an award-winning marketer who’s used video to help bring 75 innovative products and services to global markets, generating over $1 billion in sales. Rob co-founded NetEffect and grew it into one of the world’s largest specialized systems integration firms. While there, he built the industry’s first in-house video production studio. A 9-time startup veteran, Rob has been acquired into and worked for IBM, HP, and 3Com. Rob has a BS in Computer Science and an MS in Computer Engineering from the University of Massachusetts, and an MBA from Boston University, all with honors. He holds two patents in technology management. On a personal note, Rob is the father of two teenage boys who transformed their attic into a video production studio and subsequently built multiple, successful YouTube channels with over 9 million views.