What’s the Fuss About Windows 8?

Barrett Simms

Barrett Simms from WBSimms.com is presenting “What’s the Fuss About Windows 8?” at Tech Day Camp 2012.

Windows 8 is the most radical overhaul of Windows since 1995. It’s designed to run on everything from older, mouse-driven PCs to tough-controlled tablets without compromise.  In this workshop you will see Window 8 in action and learn about all the new functionally of the operating system.  Barret will show how to navigate with the new interface and how to operate Windows 8 just like previous versions of Windows. We will be showing the new Windows Surface tablet and Windows 8 on a laptop.

Topics include: Market Overview, Why the change?’ WinRT vs Windows8 – huh?, Navigation, Integrated search, Integrated sharing and Snap panes.

About Barrett:

Barrett Simms is a Microsoft Certified Professional, Solutions Developer for .NET (MCSD.NET) and Application Developer for .NET (MCAD.NET).  He is currently a Senior software development manager at Incapsulate.