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Social media is part of our daily lives, and Christina works it as the digital marketing manager at Oho Interactive.  We are very fortunate to have Christina speaking at Tech Day Camp about the following:

Basic Social Media

Many organizations and leaders are looking to jump into social media–it’s become a must-have to engage with potential customers, employees, and other stakeholders. But how to get started, when the number of options proliferates all the time? Questions like: what platforms do I really need to be on in my industry? what do I talk about? how do I position my brand on social media so it helps grow business? all proliferate as you face the plunge.
In this quick but thorough workshop, we’ll go through the basics of setting up an effective social media program, one that fits your business goals, meets the norms for your industry, and goes with your personal style. We’ll cover all the basic platforms, and more importantly, we’ll look at what an effective social media strategy looks like. Come away with a concrete strategy to launch your organization into the social media sphere with a real plan of action.

Basic Twitter

Getting started on Twitter can be challenging. Maybe you’ve decided to join Twitter, or maybe you’re still skeptical. Either way, bring your questions to this interactive session! We’ll cover all the basics, such as signing up, how to tweet images, video, and links, how to converse on Twitter, how to manage privacy, and much more. We’ll walk through each step. In addition, we’ll step back to look at the real value of Twitter: how do I use it to grow my business, keep on top of the news, and make connections? No question’s too basic for this “from scratch” hands-on learning experience.
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