What is Social Business…find out with Bob Collins

October 13, 2011 | posted in: Speaker Updates | by

Robert Collins is a partner at Human 1.0, a business innovation firm helping clients understand, adopt and execute social strategies. Collins has 16 years of traditional, digital, social and marketing, public relations and Agency management experience working with global brands.

Social Business – Culture, Caring and Branding

More than ever we are seeing the term “Media” becoming disassociated with the “Social” online movement of today – and that’s a good thing.  Social is not a marketing media channel, as it has been overly referenced.  The real power of Social is its ability to build worlds of engaged, passionate communities on a scalable basis that can make a difference.

In this session, Collins will focus on how to reevaluate and transform your business into a Social Driven Business.  To effectively grow your business in this hyper-connected social age, it’s better to focus on core human behaviors, identifying different tribes and their business pains points, needs and passionate interests that your business address than just promoting your product / services and trying to keep up with the latest digital and social media tools .

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