Demystify the Cloud and Networking with Diane Darling

October 14, 2011 | posted in: Speaker Updates | by
As principal consultant for Effective Networking, Inc., she founded the company on the premise that everyone can learn to network, they just need to find their own style. Combining interactive training, strategic planning and an exploration of the natural fears of networking, Darling demystifies the process by providing techniques that can be immediately implemented.
Diane’s two sessions:

Running your organization in the cloud

Good systems help any organization run smoother. Our speaker, Diane Darling, found that out when her laptop was stolen and her systems were tested. In this session you’ll learn about ways to organize your data, financials, streamline marketing, provide top customer service and increase the revenue you need to keep the doors open. Diane will share the tools she has tested and used, what she keeps in the clouds, what she doesn’t and what’s on the wishlist.

How to effectively network to make the most of today’s conference

You are here to learn, meet others, and have fun. That sounds great but while networking is something we all know we should do, few have taken a class on best practices. We’ll start the morning with Diane Darling, published author with McGraw-Hill and founder of Effective Networking. She’ll get the day started with tips to meet the people you want to, how to follow up (and not be a stalker), and best ways to use technology to build relationships.

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