Barbara Oliver

Speaker 2013 South Shore, Franklin, 2012: Barbara has a BA is Communications Media and has worked in the communications field for 10+ years. Her clients include the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and other municipalities, nonprofits and mid sized businesses. One of her passions is providing a safer web experience for vulnerable populations; she recently presented a collaborative conference with the Shriver Center/UMass Medical School that addressed Internet safety and emergency uses of social media targeted toward adults with learning disabilities and their caregivers.

Barbara Oliver presents seminars on Social Media and Facebook Safety Strategies for various groups including the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services. She has initiated successful integrated social media strategies for businesses and non-profit organizations. She is passionate about the role of social media platforms in branding, story and community building. She is a member of the board of the Community Leadership Institute of the Cape and Islands, and has served on the Philanthropy Day Committee of the Planned Giving Council of Cape Cod. Her formal educational background is in Art and Communications, When she is not happily working with her clients, she performs in 16th century costume ( with men in tights 😉 in a Renaissance Music Ensemble.

South Shore 2013 Session:

“Social” Privacy

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