SM-The Psychology of Social Media

February 6, 2013 | posted in: 2013 Franklin Workshops | by
Once considered a fad, social media has become the epicenter of most consumers’ online experience. Analysts, marketers and reporters and consumers all express a profound fascination with social media and want to learn to harness its power and reach to build relationships – whether personally or professionally. In the world of business, marketers are quickly trying to understand what it takes to build relationships with consumers and help develop brands through the use of social media. In order to understand those relationships, it is important to understand the psychological and sociological principles that surround consumers’ social media use. Exploring why social media has such strong behavioral and psychological connections with users can help marketers better identify strategies for outreach, interaction and content creation. This presentation digs into which principles and theories connect consumers to social media on a psychological and behavioral level in order to inform marketers how to devise social media strategies that resonate with consumers’ needs.

Key takeaways

 – An understanding of what drives and motivates users to engage in social media
 – An understanding of how social media affects people psychologically and sociologically
 – How to develop a compelling content strategy for social media based on what connects users to social media
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