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Regardless of what type of computer or tablet you are using, the vast majority of us do use Microsoft Office. Here is a clip on the Format Painter in Microsoft Office from June Bertucci’s “Microsoft Office – Tips & Tricks” at Tech Day Camp United Regional Chamber.  It’s something that I never used, mainly because I didn’t know about it.  It should save me a ton of time in the future.

Say you work for a big company and there is already a beautiful document on your server and they ask you to add your name and bio. So you go in and add your information and it looks awful! It doesn’t match any of the formatting of the original document. The Format Painter fixes that for you.

What you would do, is go to the original beautiful document and highlight the area you like, click on the format painter, then highlight the area on the information you added and the format painter then adds all the formatting from the area you highlighted on the original document.  This will work in all of their products, whether it’s Word, Excel or Outlook, it works!

You can find out more from June at Small Office Computer Support of Cape Cod.

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