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By now, we’ve all heard a lot about Social Media Marketing. We’ve heard how important it is, it’s the must do of your marketing plan, and how much time it takes. This session will help sort out what Social Media Marketing, or content marketing, is all about and how to start to develop a plan that works for your small business, organization or non-profit. At the core of social media is all the multitude of social media networks – twitter, linkedin, pinterest, youtube, facebook etc. There are seminars and workshops offered all over the place on these networks. But, how do they work together to create a effective marketing plan?

In this session, we’ll cover the major social media networks, their general demographic reach, what the major function is of these networks and how they work together. After this session you should have a good idea of what social media networks should work for your business and ideas for how to create a great social media marketing plan.

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Michael T Sauders

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